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JAM Pedals Black Muck Boutique '60s silicon transistor point-to-point fuzz pedals

JAM Pedals Black Muck Boutique '60s silicon transistor point-to-point wired fuzz pedals  ·  Source: JAM pedals


Based in Athens, Greece, boutique pedal builder JAM Pedals has just announced its new Black Muck fuzz box. This intriguing new unit has plenty of filth on tap for when you want to get dirty!


Black Muck

The Black Muck has three knobs labelled Level, Tone and Gain which are used to control this dirty little box. The circuit inside utilises a set of ’60s silicon transistors, and is hand-wired using point-to-point wiring, so expect it to be well made.

With a lot of ’boutique’ pedals, a good quality and well-designed circuit may appear simple and have little in the way of components, but this is the beauty with this type of product. Hand-picked silicon transistors and a well laid out true-bypass circuit can separate good boutique fuzz pedals from mass-produced wares.

Since fuzz pedals are so fussy, even small changes in a circuit design or layout can have a huge effect on the way they turn out sonically and this is where JAM Pedals’ new Black Muck could shine.

JAM Pedals Black Muck Boutique '60s silicon transistor fuzz

JAM Pedals Black Muck Boutique ’60s silicon transistor fuzz

Fuzz God

Only 100 of these are being made, so you might need to be a bit of a fuzz aficionado to be into these. However, I always say a good fuzz box is worth having somewhere in your sonic arsenal, so if you are going to do it then get something decent.

Each one has unique artwork and comes in a natty wooden box. Yup, they aren’t cheap, but they are beautifully made. Do check out the official demo video below and see what you think. This one really appeals to me, and I could easily find a place for one in my pedal horde. JAM Pedals have a great reputation and I can easily see these becoming quite sought after.

RRP EUR 289 / USD 299 Limited to 100 units worldwide

JAM Pedals Black Muck product page



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