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ZVex Silicon Fuzz Factory 7 pedal

ZVex Silicon Fuzz Factory 7 pedal  ·  Source: ZVex


Zvex has just announced a new silicon-based version of their Fuzz factory 7 pedal, this nasty fuzz pedal can do all sorts of chaotic fuzzy tones and now you can start squealing and sputtering in silicon.


ZVEX Silicon Fuzz Factory 7

ZVex has just released a limited-edition Silicon Fuzz Factory 7 Mod. Rather than the original’s NOS germanium transistors, this limited edition version uses PNP silicon ones instead. According to ZVex, this makes a “brighter, tighter and more synthetic-sounding” fuzz. The new transistors give the Silicon FF7 a completely different tonal palette to the standard germanium based version of the unit.

I also kind of like that you can see the silicon transistors poking through the little window in the centre of the pedal, just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when you can see them at work, lol!

ZVex Silicon Fuzz factory 7 with added Tone

ZVex Silicon Fuzz Factory 7 with added Tone

More tone, more dirt

You still get the nine-position rotary switch that chooses between fat and thin sounds via preset tone stacks and the regular six knobs to control Volume, Gate, Comp, Drive, Stab and Fat. Plus, that preset tone switch control lets you choose the Tone control setting as and when you need it in the circuit, so gives you some flexibility with your fuzz tones when using it live.

It isn’t cheap, but I can see these being really popular as the extra tone choices really open up the Fuzz factory circuit and having a foot switchable preset is really useful when playing in a band scenario.  Zachary Vex’s Fuzz Factory circuit is already a fairly hard to tame pedal, but if you like to tweak and make velcro fuzz tones that sound organic and dynamic, then you should put his one on your fuzz bucket list to try out.



RRP – USD 499

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ZVex Silicon Fuzz Factory 7 pedal

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