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ZVex Fuzz Factory Clear

ZVex Fuzz Factory Clear  ·  Source: Zvex

Boutique pedal maker ZVex has just announced a new addition to his Fuzz Factory range called the “Fuzz Factory Clear”. It lets you see right through the transparent enclosure and appreciate the innards of this classic fuzz pedal circuit in all their glory.

ZVex Fuzz Factory Clear

A long time ago, Zachary Vex’s Fuzz Factory was a little-known boutique fuzz pedal. Then Muse’s Matt Bellamy used one on the track Plug In Baby and the guitar world took notice.

ZVex Fuzz Factory Clear edition

ZVex Fuzz Factory Clear edition

Velcro Fuzz

The pedal is still hand built in the USA and has since been released in a number of incarnations. You can still buy them as hand-painted versions or, occasionally, as a limited run with variations on the classic circuit. These include the Fuzz Factory Silicon 7, Reverse Spam Can and the pedalboard-friendly Vertical models, for example. Mr ZVex has now added a Fuzz Factory with a transparent case that lets you see the guts of the pedal. It comes in a Lexan enclosure, with matching clear knobs, so that you can appreciate the hand-wired circuit that lives inside.

If you want to get one, you will need to preorder it between the 8 – 22 May on the ZVex website using the link below. I have popped the official ZVex demo video below for you to check out, as well.

RRP – USD  249

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