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Suhr Dual Boost with up to 20dB Boost

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Suhr announced their new Dual Boost pedal. Designed to give you two levels of ‘non-tone sucking’ boost. The pedal is housed in their more compact sized box and should be available very soon.


I really like Suhr pedals and own both an original Koko Boost (the big boxed version), which is a clean boost, and the original Riot pedal, which is a great mid- to high-gain ‘80s-inspired distortion pedal.

Seeing this new Dual Boost announced has piqued my interest straight away. Suhr do make some great stuff for guitarists and their pedal range has been very, very popular the last few years. In fact, my Koko Boost replaced my original Klon Centaur pedal (a boutique drive pedal, commonly used for clean boost which trades on the second-hand market for well over £1000), because I think it is really that good.

This new Dual Boost, Suhr claim, will give you a good quality transparent kick and there’s a switch for the amount of boost that you can set to either 10 or 20 dB. This should be more than enough to give your amp a ‘little extra’ when you most need it. Their online demo sounds good to me and I think its compact size will make it very popular with gigging guitarists that want a decent boost for soloing over a loud band.

I have a thing for simple control layouts on pedals, as I am a bit of a ‘Luddite’ player, so this really appeals to me. There’s just a control for ‘Boost’, another for ‘Hi-Cut’ for each level of boost, and a mini toggle switch to select the mode.


Another nice feature of Suhr pedals is they can either be set to be ‘buffered’ or ‘true bypass’. Also, they can be turned on and off using Suhr’s proprietary mfx (Multi-Function Technology) switching. If the pedal is kept in a rack draw can make a lot of sense.

RRP GBP £155

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Suhr Dual Boost with up to 20dB Boost

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