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Jef's Pedal Roundup Mythos Pedals Chupacabra Mooer Temnder Octaver MKII Rougarou Pedals DRAUGR

Jef's Pedal Roundup Mythos Pedals Chupacabra Mooer Temnder Octaver MKII and Rougarou Pedals DRAUGR  ·  Source: Mooer/Mythos Pedals/Rougarou Pedals

This week’s pedal round-up includes a mass-produced Chinese budget micro pedal and two quite stunning-looking boutique American made drive and fuzz pedals. As usual, I have been trawling the mystical web for effects, so that you pedal junkies can all get your weekly fix!

Mooer Tender Octaver MKII

Yes, they are cheap. No, they don’t exactly look like a work of art. But Mooer’s series of micro effects pedals has won over many a player over the years. Including mine. Why? The company makes some really cool pedals – and for little money. Its latest pedal is the new Tender Octaver MKII which is a simple octave pedal with three new algorithms, all accessed via a mini toggle switch at the top labelled Fat, Tight and Swell. Then you get controls for independent Sub, Upper and a Dry control to blend in the original guitar tone.

Fat offers more low end and a softer upper voice, whilst Tight has more focus on the upper frequencies, making it sharper and (surprise) tighter. Swell has an automatic volume swell, which sounds interesting. It’s a true bypass pedal and has a decent price point, so could be worth a punt if you need some dirty octave action.

RRP – USD 99

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Mythos Pedal Chupacabra

Named after a fabled mythical Mexican beast, the Chupacabra is built in Nashville USA by Mythos Pedals and is essentially a three pedals in one. It combines a boost, fuzz and drive in one compact enclosure. With only two knobs, it still manages to squeeze in all those effects into one box. Sounds too good to be true!

I have only seen the demo video below, so so it’s hard to judge how it will perform in the real world. But it is the sort of pedal that could be handy in a simple rig. As I am a total Luddite, the simple, two-control layout really appeals to me. Looks as though you could get some pretty cool vintage tones from the Chupacabra and so it appeals to the retro fan in me as well.

RRP – USD 179 excluding shipping/taxes

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Rougarou Pedals DRAUGR Distortion

Based on a germanium diode, this distortion pedal is built by husband and wife team Nathan and Kara Heck based in Hammond, LA USA. Their boutique effects pedals all have a mythical beast and monster theme. This one has a simple control layout of Volume, Tone and Drive. This is the heart of the Draugr Distortion, where the interactive drive and tone section work together to get you all the dirt you require.

With a pretty impressive demo video below, I would certainly be willing to give one of these a go myself. It looks and sounds to be pretty dynamic and responsive to laying style, which is what I look for in a good quality drive pedal. I’m also pretty impressed with the artwork as well, a little thing perhaps, but a nice welcome touch. It looks to be made with care and attention to detail aesthetically, which is a good sign to me.

RRP – USD 135 ex delivery/taxes

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