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iZotope subscription services

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Developer iZotope launched a subscription service to rent out its well-known effects, mixing and mastering plug-ins. Two packages are currently available: Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro. They are intended for music production and mixing/ mastering duties, respectively. Both seem to cover the essential iZotope plug-ins very well, though. Everyone is getting in on the fun now!

iZotope Producers Club and Music Production Suite Pro subscriptions

The iZotope Producers Club subscription package includes the current versions of Ozone Pro, Neutron Pro, VocalSynth Pro, Nectar, and Melodyne 5 Essential. These are iZotope’s flagship music production plug-ins covered. Likewise, the Music Production Suite Pro package includes Neutron Pro, Ozone Pro, RX Pro (for Music), Nectar Pro, Melodyne 5 Essential, iZotope Relay and Visual Mixer. Neoverb Pro, Tonal Balance Control Pro and Insight Pro will be added to it soon.

If subscriptions are your thing, these bundles make tapping into the iZotope stuff immediate and more affordable compared to scouting the internet for sales. You also get the latest versions of everything when they are launched, without paying upgrade prices. I’m sure plenty of producers will get a kick out of having all the key iZotope software at hand for a reasonable monthly cost. Others who would like to own their software can still purchase these products, of course. It’s a win-for-all and it must have been a long time in the making!

Price and availability

iZotope Producers Club is USD 19.99 per month or USD 199.90 per year. Music Production Suite Pro is USD 24.99 per month or USD 249.90 per year. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Updates, exclusive content, premium sound packs, and Berklee Online video lessons are part of the subscription as well. You can also test both packages for 7 days before subscribing.

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5 responses to “iZotope launches subscription service for its mixing and mastering plug-ins”

  1. Klemen Kotar says:

    Oh joy!

    Upgrade to MPS4 is now 199$ and you get to keep plugins.

  2. Offline says:

    Hmmm, don’t speak for anyone but myself but renting or leasing software goes against the grain with me. I suppose if you really want Izotope’s very useful software and you haven’t got the full price, it’s a boon. I don’t rent software from Roland or Pro Tools, Izotope or anyone else. I kind of feel like you’re depending on a web connection for something that should work offline.

  3. Jeb20 says:

    I hate subscriptions but izotope is offering a fiendishly good deal. You would spend more each year upgrading the stuff you bought from them.

  4. scotsmanAZ says:

    Here’s the main problem with the Subscription model: Once you sign up and start using the plugins in your sessions you’re hooked. For instance, when you decide you don’t want to pay for the subscription model anymore and at a later date pull up and old session that was using the subscription plugins – well, you got it, you’re screwed. At that point, you have to decide whether to remix the session with substitute plugins or get back on the subscription payments again.

  5. Chris says:

    I use almost the complete VSTs from iZotope for some years. However it is 100% clear for me: If they really shift completely to pay per subscription I am definitive leaving the World of iZotope!

    I refuse such kind of models in terms of plug ins! It is in my eyes the wrong direction, as the most pro musicians don’t want to have high monthly costs through various subscriptions, but purchase and pay all at once, when they have earned the money for it. And to earn money, we need to produce (and the equipment and tools for it!). With high monthly costs, that will not work for many.

    Very bad and very wrong direction, dear iZotope guys! ;-(

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