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IK Multimedia Syntronik

IK Multimedia Syntronik  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Syntronik preset selection

IK Multimedia Syntronik preset selection  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Syntronik Roland Jupiter

IK Multimedia Syntronik Roland Jupiter  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Syntronik Alesis Andromeda

IK Multimedia Syntronik Alesis Andromeda  ·  Source: IK Multimedia

IK Multimedia Syntronik effects

IK Multimedia Syntronik effects  ·  Source: IK Multimedia


Syntronik is a new and massive virtual synthesizer collection from IK Multimedia. It aims to capture the essence of 38 legendary synthesizers and make them available to you, on your desktop, either independently or as a collection.


More synths

First of all, it’s great to see IK get themselves into something meatier than all that iOS stuff they seem so fond of. And second – doesn’t it look at lot like the Arturia V Collection? Which is no bad thing, because that means more synths and we love synths. I’ll let you draw your own comparisons but it looks to me like IK have given us a stunning collection of vintage sonic loveliness.


IK are using a hybrid multi-sampling and analog modelling engine. They have sampled the heck out of these 38 instruments. That’s then fused with a fully modelled filter section. The icing on the fat sounding cake is their own DRIFT technology which emulates the slightly dodgy behaviour of analog oscillators. Stuff in a load of effects, instrument layering, splits and arpeggiators and it’s going to be quite a source of sounds.

They make no bones about exactly what they are sampling and the instruments themselves are replicated in the user interface. Apparently, they took over 70,000 samples filling 50GB of space. Obviously, there’s lots of talk of authenticity, and accuracy and how the world has never heard anything as good as this thing, ever! All I can say is that it looks good so far.


The full list of instruments is below and they’ve covered all the usual suspects. You have your classic Roland Junos, your Moogs (actually a lot of Moogs), your Prophets, ARPs and so on but there’s also a few less expected items. The Yamaha SY99 is an interesting choice, so is the Alesis Andromeda. Although sadly, no Casio CZ101 (a personal wishlist item).

IK Syntronik Instrument List

IK Syntronik Instrument List · Source: IK

The 38 synths are squeezed down into 17 actual instruments, with recognisable front panels. As with Arturia’s Analog lab they appear to be available in a single interface. Where you also get access to the 2000 presets that have been lovingly currated for you. This allows you to use the 4-part layering and splitting options and the multi-voice arpeggiator. The hybrid nature of the samples and modelling going on also lets you mix and match oscillators and filters, which could get interesting.


No virtual instrument would be complete without effects these days and Syntronik has 38. This goes well beyond the usual delay, drive and reverb. There’s some tape delays in there, FM modulation, Ensemble, AutoPan, crusher, LFO and more drive and distortion than you could ever need.


IK Multimedia are saying that Syntronik is available as a collection or as individual instruments. Although as far as I can see there’s just the collection version available online. I imagine this will play out like Amplitube where you get a free host Syntronik application with a built in store to purchase your instruments. But at the moment, get the whole lot for only €149.99. Or crossgrade from any other IK product (over €99) for €99. That sounds pretty darn reasonable, which it is, because it’s an introductory offer so you can expect the price to double on release.

There’s undoubtedly some great stuff in there and IK are capable of producing decent sounds. So I’m pretty excited about the sort of noises that this collection of legendary synthesizers could produce. Preorder now, released in July.

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