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That headless Gibson SG Meme is actually a real guitar!

That headless Gibson SG Meme is actually a real guitar!  ·  Source: The Trogly's Guitar Show


If you play the guitar and have ever been on the internet, then there is a high chance you will have seen the infamous ‘Headless Gibson SG’ meme that has floated around the web for a few years. Turns out: it is real and not a Photoshop mockup!


Headless Gibson SG

I’ve seen this headless SG on the net over the last few years. It’s always turning up on guitar forums and Facebook, but everyone thought it was actually a bad Photoshop mockup made to wind up Gibson lovers. We now know that it isn’t a fake after all – it’s been finally revealed on the The Trogly’s Guitar Show YouTube channel.

Gibson is pretty famous for having a weak headstock area on several of their guitar designs, so everyone on the web thought that this Headless SG was a fake. Now we can finally see and hear the guitar in action.

That Headless Gibson SG is real!

That Headless Gibson SG is real! · Source: The Fretboard


Would you rock or not?


It actually appeared in one of Trogly’s videos some time ago as Number 9 in the ‘Would you rock or not?’ series. Off the back of this, someone posted under the video that they worked with the owner of this guitar and that it was actually a real Gibson SG!

The SG in the video had its headstock broken off, and it was eventually traded as a broken guitar for studio time. After this trade, it was then transformed to its current ‘headless’ design, with a few sneaky cosmetic twists and tweaks.

You can check out the full story in the video below and finally also get to see the back of this crazy one-off Gibson SG at last.


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That headless Gibson SG Meme is actually a real guitar!

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2 responses to “That headless Gibson SG meme is actually a real guitar!”

    William Paxson says:

    Please for all that’s holy do not give Henry any ideas!

      Jef says:

      Henry would put bloody robot tuners on it and a hologram to prove it was a ‘real’ badly made in the USA Gibson.

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