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Harley Benton Dullahan-FT - Budget headless guitar launching

Harley Benton Dullahan-FT - Budget headless guitar launching  ·  Source: Thomann

Harley Benton Dullahan-AT TBK

Harley Benton Dullahan-AT TBK  ·  Source: Thomann

Harley Benton has announced a new headless model, the Dullahan-FT “Headless Electric Guitar”. And, as is customary for Thomann’s inhouse brand, it’s at a price point you cannot ignore. If you are looking for something different and without the hassles of a headstock, then this could be the guitar for you!

Look Ma, no head!

Okay, headless guitars are certainly a bit different. The Steinberger headless guitars and their many copies were a big deal in the ’80s. I had one of the cheaper versions when I was a kid and it was fantastic! It was easy to travel with and never suffered any problems with tuning. The headless design combats a lot of friction and tuning stability issues that can plague standard guitar designs.

Remove headstock angles and tuning posts out of the equation and you get a lot less tuning problems with a stringed instrument.

Harley Benton Dullahan-FT BKS

Harley Benton Dullahan-FT BKS

Harley Benton Dullahan

So what are you getting for your (low) price? The Dullahan-FT BKS has an alder body that is matched with a headless ‘Modern C’ maple neck loaded with 22 stainless steel jumbo frets. There’s also a Graphtech Tusq XL nut. This one comes finished in a black open pore finish.

You can also get a variation called the Dullahan-AT TBK with a mahogany top that has flame maple veneer in a transparent black finish, with an ebony fretboard.

Harley Benton Dullahan-AT TBK rear

Harley Benton Dullahan-AT TBK rear

Alnico 5

Both variations come factory fitted with a pair of Roswell HAF-B-BK Alnico-5 (bridge), Roswell HAF-N-BK Alnico-5 (neck) humbucking pickups, wired via a 5-way switch and with a master volume and tone control. The bridge is an Apollo mono bridge HL-STB02 and this is where you will find the guitars tuners.

To my eye this headless guitar looks clean and considered. Plus I love things like stainless steel frets and Alnico 5 pickups, as they are nice little details that hint at a quality instrument. If you are in the market for a modern-looking, versatile new guitar for 2020, then you must put this one onto your short list, as it ticks a lot of boxes for a great guitar.

You can watch the 60 Cycle Hum YouTube preview video below of the prototype that was being tested out earlier this year. Or pre-order one directly from Thomann from my links below. Harley Benton’s website officially launched today, too, and it’s worth spending a few minutes browsing around in. The product selector with specifications filter is pretty neat.

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