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RJR BAX EQ  ·  Source:

RJR BAX EQ  ·  Source:

RJR BAX EQ Rear  ·  Source:

Hand-built in the USA, the gear served up by Regular John Recording (RJR) has until now consisted of custom outboard units for recording, mixing and mastering applications. Used by many industry professionals including Grammy award-winning engineers and producers, this is specialist gear. Now they are offering a new service, consisting of a standard, off-the-shelf format for their Baxandall EQ. A (very) limited number are available and ready to ship now.

Browsing RJR’s ‘custom built’ pages offers serious audio-porn. They have been designing and manufacturing customised versions of their hardware EQ’s and compressors for 8 years, building up an impressive client list. However wonderful these items are, they have recognised the unfortunate lead time it takes to build them. Building a limited number at a time, they now plan to hold a few BAX EQ units in stock that are ready to go.

Although these aren’t custom units, there’s still a sense of buying something very special as the website shows each individual serial number currently available for sale. Couple this with the units being hand-built, and you’re getting a very rare, highly specialised unit. If you’re on the look out for a piece of choice outboard to add to your mixing or mastering setup, then this might be for you.

The BAX EQ is a stereo unit based around a low and high shelving baxandall EQ curve. There’s a low cut, hard bypass and a mid-band parametric-style EQ for each channel. Many of the controls appear to be switchable which is ideal for processing chains that need to be recalled at a later date, but the EQ rotary controls don’t seem to be. But not offering stepped controls throughout would be my only negative comment.

Price seems fairly placed for such a specialist product at 1199 USD. You will, of course, need to add shipping costs and any customs fees due.

More Information:!bax/comi

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