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Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2  ·  Source: Gibson


The new Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom V2, that was leaked last month, has been officially announced. You can now see the official demo video and some new images of this limited edition signature guitar.


Gibson Adam Jones V2

This slightly different take on last year’s Adam Jones signature Silverburst 1979 Les Paul Custom is yet another limited run. The V2 edition has been aged by the Gibson Murphy Lab, and has some pretty extreme nitrocellulose checking across that Silverburst finish. However, it isn’t an exact clone in terms of wear marks of Adam’s original ’79 guitar.

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2 officially announced

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2 officially announced

Poor Ageing

I have to say, that personally, I am not a fan of the aged Silverburst. I think it looks like a pea soup green. And those checking marks look very unnatural and fake. I get it is the fashion to like this finish, but these images from Gibson in the official demo video, plus the ones I have seen online at dealers, all look really over the top. They look nothing like any of the ’70s and ’80s Norlin Silverburst models I have played.

Adam Jones V2 with Murphy Labs ageing

Adam Jones V2 with Murphy Labs ageing on Normans Rare Guitar Instagram account

Again, each of the 79 models will include a removable headstock mirror, so it has a similar look to last year’s model as well as Jones’ original guitar. It comes with the same diamond-shaped strap buttons and Seymour Duncan pickups, though this model has the logo on the bridge humbucker, whilst the 2020 version didn’t.

The back has a different serial number system this year, along with a new graphic on the rear of the headstock by artist Korin Faught. Each guitar is also features a signature by Adam Jones.

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2 signed

Gibson Adam Jones 1979 Les Paul Custom V2 signed

One for the fans, or the scalpers?

With only 79 Gibson Adam Jones 1979 V2 Les Paul Custom guitars being made, and at $9,999 each, you will obviously need to be either a massive Tool fan or an online scalper to appreciate this model. Gibson says that Adam Jones will take his own V2 model out on Tool’s world tour next year.

Well, it is what it is, and are probably already sold out. Hopefully, some actual fans were able to get their hands on them this year. Still no mention of the Epiphone version, although hopefully that will be the next Adam Jones release, and something for Tool fans, rather than just collectors.

RRP – USD 9999

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