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GarageBand Macbook Pro GUI Apple

 ·  Source: Apple

Apple have just announced that GarageBand and other apps are now available for free download from the App store. As a free download. Yes, really free.


But weren’t they always “free”? That depends on what you mean by that word. They were “free” to download in the sense that you could get the latest version when you bought a new Mac or iOS device and registered it. But even then they were only free until the next major update. You had to buy new hardware to get that one for “free”. It was, shall we say, a matter of semantics if the epithet “free” was really applicable to them.

That’s changed. From now on – and hopefully forever – anyone with an Apple ID can download GarageBand for nothing. And it’s not just GarageBand, either. Apple are also releasing Pages, Numbers and Keynote from their iWork package. And iMovie is also being let loose, too.

I don’t, in all fairness, use any of these programs myself. But there’s no doubt that GarageBand is a useful composing sketch pad, especially because you can beam your projects over to Logic and expand on them there.

Apple’s official announcement can be found on their main site. If for some reason you don’t have these apps and want them now, just head over to the App store.


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