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GarageBand iOS

 ·  Source: Apple

With the latest update to GarageBand for iOS, Apple finally took advantage of the elaborate camera system it developed for the iPhone X to turn facial recognition into a music controller.

GarageBand now lets you handle instrument effect controls hands-free using face tracking. The technology is based on ARKit face tracking features, which means it will be open for app developers to incorporate into their creations.

We are looking forward to seeing more face tracking-enabled musical instruments in the future, especially once the camera technology reaches to other Apple gear like iPads and Macs. There’s lots of potential there, even if it’s more of a novelty than it is a practical means of music creation.

Additionally, the GarageBand update includes a new Toy Box downloadable sound pack with “educational” sound effects, such as animal sounds, vehicles, and counting to ten in different languages. It also adds a Modern Wah guitar stompbox effect which can be face-controlled.

The update is free for GarageBand users. Currently, facial tracking is available only on the iPhone X.

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