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Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth  ·  Source: Gamechanger Audio


We’re all very much enjoying Gamechanger Audio’s exploration of the electromechanical motor based oscillator. We saw a huge behemoth of a keyboard instrument and a pedal based oscillator at NAMM. But now, demonstrated at Superbooth, Gamechanger has found a sweet spot with the Motor Synth desktop synthesizer and they’ve just launched it on Indiegogo.


Motor Synth

The Motor Synth is an analogue electromechanical synthesizer that generates sound with spinning DC motors. The motors spin reflective optical disks that contain graphical representations of three audio waveforms and are accelerated and decelerated to a precise rpm to match up to specific musical notes. These are read by infrared sensors and converted into audio. Mixed with that is mechanical motor noise collected via a magnetic pickup. It’s a unique way of generating sound and along with the physicality of those spinning motors gives the Motor Synth a very visceral vibe.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth

Get a load of those motors

The rest of the synth features all the regular components such as envelopes and filters, modulation and sequencing to drive and shape the 4-voice polyphony generated by 2 motors per voice. But it has some other tricks like an innovative looping system for layering rhythms and melodies. It has 8 buttons on the front that can be used as a simple playing surface. It’s also capable of tracking an incoming audio signal and playing along to it. So plug in your guitar for a bit of Motor Synth accompaniment to your Motorhead riffs.



The crowdfunding site will host the Motor Synth for 30 days. The first 50 people will get one at the knock out price of $749 which then goes up to $949. After the campaign and assuming it gets funded the Motor Synth will then be available for $1299 retail. I don’t think there’s any chance of this beastie not funding, those first 50 will be gone in minutes. Which is why I’m publishing this before the campaign goes live – they won’t give us a start time so if you want to be in with a chance of one of the 50 then you need to get your email address down over on the “Coming soon” campaign page.

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  • Indiegogo campaign page.


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  • Get a load of those motors: Gamechanger Audio
Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth

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