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Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal an optial spring reverb

Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal an optial spring reverb  ·  Source: Gamechanger Audio

After a year since it was first talked about, Gamechanger Audio has at last announced that its Light Pedal is now on sale. This unique take on a classic effect could really shine some light on your guitar tone. Get it?

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal

The new Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal is an ‘Optical Spring Reverb’ effect which combines a a three-spring reverb tank with a set of infra-red optical sensors. These sensors are placed along the spring lengths at various intervals and are used to create a super expressive spring reverb effect.

“This method opens up a much wider range of frequencies, harmonics, overtones and textures that are otherwise lost in the mechanical reverberation process.”

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal

Gamechanger Audio Light Pedal

Super Spring Reverb?

Gamechanger Audio claims the pedal can “harvest the full timbral and harmonic range of a spring reverb tank”. Depending on your outlook on life, that may sound impressive, or simply be more marketing speak. Because of its set of infra-red sensors, the pedal is able to offer some truly unique effects control parameters. These include optical reverb tremolo, optical reverb modulation, feedback and optical harmonic shimmer. You also have an extended signal mix section that you can use to precisely balance the dry, classic reverb tone and the new and optical reverb signals, giving you the ability to get super creative with this spring reverb.

Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal – Optical spring reverb

Gamechanger Audio LIGHT Pedal – Optical spring reverb

You can order the pedal directly form the Gamechanger Audio main site. I expect the build quality will be exceptional, and on par with the Plasma Pedal I own, that is built like a tank. I’m not usually a user of reverb pedals, but I would certainly like to try one of these out. The company’s Plasma Pedal is a lot of fun to use, and I can see this being just as good.

RRP – EUR 289

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