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Flower Pedals Dandelion V2 Tremolo

Flower Pedals Dandelion V2 Tremolo  ·  Source: Flower Pedals

Flower Pedals has updated its Dandelion Tremolo to V2. An all-analogue boutique circuit, this feature-packed pedal may have what it takes to kick your existing tremolo off your pedalboard…

The first thing that strikes the eye is the beautiful, flower-themed design. It runs through the entire product Flower Pedals range. If all you had on your pedalboard was gear by Flower Pedals, it would look like a well-maintained flowerbed. These devices definitely show a love of detail that is evident in the functions available in the Dandelion Tremolo V2, which comes a compact housing despite extensive control options. This little box has silent relay switching and tap-tempo/hold accessed via footswitch. There are controls for Boost, Depth, Speed, Shape (4 modes: Ramp, Triangle, Sine, Square), Type, Voicing (3 voicings in harmonic mode) and Dual Tremolo. That’s a lot. Since tremolo is a subtractive effect, I find the implemented boost function very convenient. The On/Hold button gives you access to a second level of operation.

Flower Pedals Dandelion V2 Tremolo

Flower Pedals Dandelion V2 Tremolo

Dual tremolo

One particularly nice feature is dual tremolo mode, where the tremolo effect varies between two different speeds. The first speed setting is set as usual with the speed control. If you hold the hold footswitch, you can set a second speed and switch between tempi by kicking. How fast the pedal changes between Setting 1 and Setting 2 is determined by Shape. Alternatively, the tremolo can also be controlled with an expression pedal. All that makes for a flexible little pedal with handy control options.

Update your V1

If you already have a Dandelion V1, you can have the new features implemented for only USD 30. A nice move by Flower Pedals and one you don’t see too often these days.

You can hear the new Dandelion V2 inaction in the demo videos below. I think this is a good-sounding boutique tremolo. It’s the sort of pedal that could boot my old T-Rex Tremster off my board!

RRP – USD 249

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