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Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo.

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo.  ·  Source: Ernie Ball

Ernie Ball’s new Expression Tremolo pedal is now available to buy in the USA and comes to the rest of the world in September this year. With a handy control option via the treadle footswitch, this seems a pretty neat tremolo pedal indeed.

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo

I like the overall idea, offering an easy way to ramp up the tremolo effect rate via the treadle style footswitch. The Expression Tremolo pedal offers five built-in tremolo styles which includes Slow Rise, Slow Fall, Sine, Square and Harmonic. Then you get controls for Rate and Depth which can be assigned to the treadle footswitch. On top of all this, you get a handy built-in Spring Reverb effect as well!

I really like the sound of the demos for this tremolo pedal and very much appreciate having the tremolo controls being easily accessible to tweak live via that treadle footswitch, That makes perfect sense to me. The spring reverb is also a nice touch and makes this a pretty versatile effect pedal for players seeking vintage tones but also offers more experimental guitar sounds, as well.

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo pedal

Ernie Ball Expression Tremolo pedal


The only real pity is that us players in Europe will have to wait until later this year to buy them. But if the street price is good then I can hold out for one. I own a few decent tremolo pedals already, but this one looks like a good one, so I may well be going to check one out myself when they go on UK release.

The build quality looks to be really good, with the casing made out of aluminium. These should be pretty bulletproof and the controls are neatly set out of the way, so it won’t get damaged easily. Definitely one to watch out for if you are in the market for a decent tremolo pedal, I reckon.

RRP – USD 199 / GBP 199

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