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EVH 5150 Iconic Series  ·  Source: EVH


EVH has announced a new 5150 Iconic Series 15W 1×10 and 60W 2×12 combo. Pushing the already well-received product line into two new directions. One is perfect for home, and studio use and the other is great for playing live and studio work. 


EVH 5150 Iconic Series

These two new EVH 5150 Iconic Series combos expand the amp range quite nicely. Eddie Van Halen wanted to give players a choice of great guitars and amps. These two new combos certainly offer some great benefits to modern guitarists and they both look very well-specified.

I’ll always be an Eddie Van Halen fan, as he gave so much back to the guitar community and never stopped trying to make our guitar gear better.

That and he was possibly the most iconic guitarist of his era and most of our lifetimes. He had a great feel, and amazing rhythm and could play lead guitar like no other. He knew what he wanted from a guitar amp and so now we have this great range of amps, which he was involved with and helped to create.

Expect some great high-gain tones, though they also have some very useable cleans as well.

A great all-round 2×12 combo · Source: Thomann

60W 2×12 Combo

First up is the Iconic Series 60W 2×12 Combo which, as the name suggests, has a 60-watt output. It is powered by two ECC83 preamp tubes and a pair of 6L6 power tubes, via two 12” EVH Celestion Custom speakers.

It also has an XLR DI out with a speaker simulator and a very handy 1/4 power level switch. This all makes it a good all-rounder, for live, studio and home use.


The controls consist of separate Gain and Level controls for each of the channels. Along with global Reverb, Resonance and Presence controls, plus a shared three-band EQ section.

Available in black and ivory finishes.

MSRP – EUR 899 *

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Evh 5150 Iconic 60W 2X12 Combo BK
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Evh 5150 Iconic 15W 1X10 Combo

A great small combo for high-gain tones · Source: Thomann

15W 1×10 Combo

This is then followed by the Iconic Series 15W 1×10 with 15 watts of output. This version uses two ECC83 preamp tubes and a single 6L6 output tube. As you would suspect, this smaller combo comes with a single 10” EVH Celestion Custom speaker.

Though, I still think it has its place and will be popular with guitarists that want something for use at home or in the recording studio.

This smaller combo has the same control layout as the 2×12 version above, so it is still well-specified and voiced the same way. Just with less output volume and so not quite as flexible.

Again, this one is available in black and ivory finishes.

MSRP – EUR 599 *

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Evh 5150 Iconic 15W 1X10 Combo IVY
Evh 5150 Iconic 15W 1X10 Combo IVY
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