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EVH 5150 Iconic Series launched

EVH 5150 Iconic Series launched  ·  Source: Instagram/EVH

EVH 5150 Iconic amps

EVH 5150 Iconic amps  ·  Source: EVH


The new EVH 5150 Iconic amp range is a budget-friendly series that includes a 40W 1×12 combo, and an 80W head with a matching 4×12 cab. The amps are designed by renowned Peavey 5150 amp engineer James Brown, so they should have those classic tones we have come to expect from the EVH 5150 name.


EVH 5150 Iconic

Each amp is available in either black or ivory textured vinyl, with a black and silver 5150 and EVH logo. By using MDF with special internal plywood baffling, instead of industry-standard Baltic birch plywood, the company has been able to reduce costs and make these amps more affordable than their full-on 5150III siblings.

EVH 5150 80 watt head

EVH 5150 80 watt head · Source: EVH

Tube Gain?

With the 40-watt combo, you get two JJ 6L6 tubes, and two JJ ECC83S preamp tubes. The head comes with four JJ 6L6 tubes instead, as it is twice the power at 80-watts, but has the same amount of preamp tubes. As there are only two preamp tubes in both versions, I assume there is some type of solid-state boost/clipping somewhere in the circuit to get the extra gain.

Both the 5150 combo and head feature two independent channels, each with its own gain and volume controls. Channel One has an Overdrive switch and Channel Two a Burn button, which should “add a fiery crunch ideal for blistering leads”, and an in-built noise gate to tame the hiss. Both channels share a Boost function, that adds an extra 10dB of foot-switchable volume, if you need it. The EQ consists of Bass, Middle and Treble, and you get global Reverb, Resonance and Presence controls.

EVH 5150 combos in black and ivory

EVH 5150 combos in black and ivory · Source: EVH


Both versions also feature a two-button footswitch, an effects loop, dual parallel speaker output jacks, and a 1/4 power switch, which acts as an attenuator so you can get a cranked tone without deafening yourself. And finally, you have a speaker-emulated DI XLR output which makes it a lot easier to use with a PA.

EVH 5150 4x12 cabinet

EVH 5150 4×12 cabinet · Source: EVH

EVH 12″ Celestion

Both the combo and cabinet come with custom-designed EVH 12″ Celestion speakers. The combo version sports one single, whilst the cab contains four of them.

Overall, a nice sub-grand price for both head and combo versions. Hopefully, the tones will be just as good as the more expensive 5150III range. The new EVH 5150 Iconic range should be available from October 2021.




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EVH 5150 Iconic Series launched

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10 responses to “New wallet-friendly EVH 5150 Iconic amp range”

    William Paxson says:

    Oh boy, another Chinese amp in a flimsy looking box/cab. Yawn…….

      Jef says:

      Well, the Chinese do know how to build budget gear in bulk and so I can see why companies would use them. As to whether or not it is a yawn, I couldn’t comment. Though I’ll agree it looks pretty thin in terms of the cabinets, so potentially ‘flimsy’. I have a Jet City which is made in China and it is bombproof! So it could be okay?

        Mike Moreau says:

        In all actuality, the Chinese only manufacture the product, they do not design it. So if you want to blame someone for the product cheap build, blame the company.

      Don says:

      I would argue though that there is a market for Chinese made amps. All the big amp companies are making affordable tube and/or SS and/or modelling amps in China now. Why not Fender/EVH? I am excited for all of the young players who can only afford one of these that will be rawking basements! It is all about making music and having fun.

        Jef says:

        Exactly, and it would be great to see more young players making music. EVH is putting great designs into the hands of musicians, which is always positive.

      James says:

      1. Not made in China.
      2. Fender has an excellent track record of choosing Asian sub-contractors, including in China, who deliver good products. The QC on my Chinese-built Squier Classic Vibe Duo-Sonic 50s is better than many modern Gibsons I’ve seen.

    Harry says:

    The EVH 5150III’s are made in Vietnam, and they are rock solid.

      Jef says:

      One of my Peavey Wolfgang (Special) models made in Korea and it’s rock-solid too. It compares very well to my American-built ‘Pat Pending’ one and I have gigged with both extensively.

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