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Eventide Structural Effects Video Screenshot

Eventide Structural Effects Video Screenshot  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot

Eventide Sneak Peak: Fission

Eventide Sneak Peak: Fission  ·  Source: YouTube Screenshot

At the end of November last year we spotted a leak of a new multi-effects processor from Eventide, apparently the H9000. A couple of weeks after that, Eventide released a sneak peak video about several of their upcoming releases, which included a ‘structural effects’ plug-in, potentially called ‘Fission’. However, ‘Structural Effects’ may also refer to the H9000, which in the same sneak peak video appeared to have a very modular effects designer. We’re taking bets now…

Eventide ‘Structural Effects’ Video

So here is Eventide’s latest instalment of a teaser video, published on their YouTube channel:

Frustratingly, the video doesn’t give anything away other than a few screenshots of existing plug-ins. It’s fairly safe to assume we’re looking at a new plug-in release which, going on an earlier video, is called ‘Fission’. What this video does highlight, however, is the term ‘structural effects’, which isn’t something we readily use… yet! Presumably, it could be a plug-in where you build your own effects with a range of modules and processors. They are clearly playing to the creative side with this one, so I think it’s likely to be for special effects, rather than just another saturation tool. Really looking forward to whatever it is, as Eventide have delivered some great products recently.

Eventide ‘Sneak Peak’ Video from December

As a refresher, or for those that didn’t see it, here is the sneak peak video Eventide published in December. A few exciting toys are expected this year from the ‘Eventide Labs’, but it’s the plug-in in the middle of this video which ‘Structural Effects’ is most likely to refer to.

You can read our original story here.

There isn’t any more information available on the Eventide’s website yet, but we will keep you posted. We believe the new plug-in from Eventide should be announced next week at NAMM 2017.

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