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Epic Soundlab Quadrimorph

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Ever wanted to make the sound of a monster swallowing a drain pipe? Well, now you can with Epic Soundlab’s Quadrimorph for Reaktor 5 and 6. It’s aimed at creating unexpected and unreal sounds by morphing in real-time between four different samples.


So far, all the demo’s, both Soundcloud and YouTube, have the same sort of scary-monster-rattling-through-catacombs-type soundscape and so it’s really hard to judge whether it’s capable of anything else. It’s also difficult to judge the sound quality because of all the environmental noise. There’s no demo version to try and I have no idea of what it can do with different source material.

Quadrimorph features

It’s a 4-way spectral cross-morphing tool that works inside Native Instruments’ Reaktor. From what we can see you load up four different samples as your sound sources over which you’ve got some loop, wave and pitch controls. You then use the massive XY pad in the middle to morph between them. There are 2 spectral algorithms and 2 LFO’s for modulation.

It comes with 2GB of samples and they say it’s very CPU intensive and recommend an Intel i7 processor. They also include a “Lite” version which should run well on the more humble i5 processor.


It’s currently at an introductory price of only $45 as opposed to the usual $59 which sounds like a potential bargain except that I’m just not very sure what it’s actually doing or why I would want monster noises. I hope Epic Soundlabs release a bit more information and better demonstrations of this puzzling audio processor.

More information from the Epic Soundlab Quadrimorph product page.

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Epic Soundlab Quadrimorph

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