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Ellistronics Multi-Synth 2020-2

Ellistronics Multi-Synth 2020-2  ·  Source: Ellistronics

Ellistronics Multi-Synth 2020-2

Ellistronics Multi-Synth 2020-2  ·  Source: Ellistronics


In an unprecedented move, Ellitone drops the roughly hewn charm of the original wooden Multi-Synth and go for something altogether more sleek and modern in this reworking of their popular Multi-Synth.


Multi-Synth 2020

Developer Ellis from Ellistronics says he hand-built and sent out 168 Multi-Synths last year. He usually only makes a handful of his cool and rustic looking noise boxes before moving onto something else. But there’s something about the Multi-Synth that seemed to capture people’s attention. So with a renewed vigour Ellistronics has vome with this new Multi-Synth 2020 version.

The idea is that it’s a family-friendly noise and melody making synthesizer that requires no skills or talent to play with. Simply twist the knobs, hit the buttons and if you’re really daring then experiment with the patch wires and you’ll be rewarded with joyful sounds.

The 6 synthesis engines/modes include wavetable, patterns, FM, bouncing ball sequencing, Chirpp cosine-grain synthesis and Panic Voice data distortion synthesis. As you patch the Multi-Synth you’ll get access to different settings within the modes. You can get into the waveforms, mess about with the voicing of the 8 oscillators, switch modes, alter sequencing and envelope speeds and move between rhythmic patterns.

See the wonderfully quirky video below for sound examples and more information on how the controls are used to manipulate the sound.

Ellistronics devices are always fun and engaging and it’s really great to see an improved version of this fabulous little synthesizer. The Multi-Synth 2020 is available now on Etsy for £63.37.

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3 responses to “Ellistronics release a souped-up version of their Ellitone Multi-Synth”

  1. this is some cool gear right here!!

  2. Paul Boos says:

    Not crazy about everything I am hearing (I’m not that much into pure noise stuff), but I do hear some super interesting sounds. Pretty decent price as well.

  3. Sean carlin says:

    Got the ellitone and just love it!

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