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AJH Minimog Multi Burst Envelope

AJH Minimog Multi Burst Envelope  ·  Source: AJH Synth


Why have one envelope when you can have a burst of repeating envelopes of varying lengths that can change over time? Multi Burst Envelopes will shake up your modulations.


AJH Synth Multi Burst Envelopes

Just in time for Superbooth AJH Synth has revealed a module designed to generate complex bursts of envelopes. It’s can produce anything from 1 to 40 envelopes cascading after one another. You can choose from 8 different envelope shapes via the knob at the top. When you plug in a CV modulation source and start swapping envelopes amidst a burst, this gets more interesting. You can trigger the bursts from the front panel or from a Gate or Trigger input. This can be as a one-shot or retriggered to restart the sequence on the input.

The rate of burst repeat is controlled via n internal LFO rate although you can also control it externally. The envelope length is handled by the pulse width control or, again, via CV. Slope controls the level of the envelopes so you can have them fade in or out over time. Two LEDs at the top show the burst rate and also the level of the envelopes which are very handy.

There are so many applications for this sort of module. From pulsing gates to throwing in ratchets and interesting bursts of filter activity, to strumming resonators. If you combine the bursts with creative CV control you can produce some extraordinary modulations. If you are scratching your head wondering what a burst of envelopes is good for then check out DivKids entertaining video below.


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Multi Burst Envelopes is part of the Minimod range, 12HP and is available in silver and dark front panels for around £230. AJH Synth will be on Booth B030 at Superbooth.

AJH Minimog Multi Burst Envelope

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