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TINRS Edgecutter

TINRS Edgecutter  ·  Source: TINRS


This Is Not Rocket Science attempt to put the pizazz and romance back into ADSR with Edgecutter. The key feature is the row of LEDs which give a visual indication of where the envelope is at.



This envelope generator contains “everything – as far as we’re concerned”. It’s a four-stage ADSR envelope generator with slope control, CV control and state/trigger outputs. Apparently it “sends out all its envelopes to you Sealed With A Loving Kiss”. Envelopes and snogging is not something I’ve really connected before.

Edgecutter has all the usual gate and retriggering inputs but there’s also a Velocity input for scaling the peak. Each segment has a trigger output so as you follow the envelope on its journey through the LEDs triggers get sent the moment the state changes.


There are three modes:

  • One-shot mode – a short pulse goes through the entire envelope using the sustain level as an intermediate point
  • Gate mode – after you open the gate the envelope goes through attack and decay and waits for you at sustain until you lower the gate
  • Repeat mode – changes the sustain into a repeating A/D cycle

A Speed button lets you change between a short and long envelope and you have a knob for the curvature to move between linear and exponential.

I really like the LED idea. I struggle with envelopes myself and tend to find anything more than an AD quite frustrating. So a visual indication of what’s going on would be enormously helpful to me.

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TINRS Edgecutter

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