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Erica Synths envelopes

Erica Synths envelopes  ·  Source: Erica Synths


Erica Synths has two new modules for people who want their sounds shaped, triggered, looped and enveloped, the Black DADSR and EG2.



The Black DADSR EG gives you four strong knobs at the top. These deal with an envelope’s traditional Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release sections. The “D” stands for Delay, where you can set a time delay on when the envelope fires.

You have CV control over every stage, gate and trigger input options with a button for manual firing, and it is, of course, loopable.

The Delay sets it up for some very interesting looping and pulsing effects, with modulation coming in as a response to something rather than as a cause.


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Black EG2

The Black EG2 is much more straightforward. It has a column of ADSR knobs and is triggerable, gateable and loopable. In fact, you can enable a gate mode and change the gate length when it’s receiving a trigger – that’s a very cool function, as the Sustain stage of an envelope is often ignored if you are using triggers to fire the envelope.


Both the Black DADSR EG and the Black EG2 are available now for €160 and €150 respectively.

Erica Synths envelopes

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