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Ellitone Multi-Synth

Ellitone Multi-Synth  ·  Source: Ellistronics


Ellistronics has been at it again but this time it produces much more than excitable and barely controllable noise. There’s some kind of melody going on in here that elevates it to some very enjoyable places.


Ellitone Multi-Synth

It’s cheap and handmade with a DIY charm that only Ellis can muster but hiding inside is a cool little digital synthesizer. It’s the sort of thing you can pick up and start playing with. With some of his other synths you’d never be quite sure if it was working as expected. But with the Ellitone you can get all sorts of recognisable tones going on.

The Ellitone Multi-Synth has 7 different sound modes, 4 knobs, 4 wooden keys and a patch bay in the middle. It’s designed to mystify the experienced and delight the novice. You have to explore it via experimentation, patching things, fiddling with things without any labels or direction that you can get anxious over.

Ellitone Multi-Synth

Ellitone Multi-Synth

For the patching you have 6 output pin sockets and a single input socket with 5 holes. Patching any output to one of the 5 inputs changes the sound/mode/type/noise/operation. The 5 inputs represent waveform, voicing, mode, speeds and rhythms but I’m not going to tell you which is which. As you continue to patch more things happen – isn’t that the beauty of modular synthesis?


The 7 modes are as follows: Wavetables, patterns, FM-1, FM-2, bounce sequencer, Chirpp cosine-grain synthesis, Panic Voice Engine (which is back to Ellis’ usual forte of noise and distortion).

As with all of the creations from Ellistronics they are a load of fun to play with. They deliberately bypass all that proper synthesizer protocol to produce something altogether more crazy. He only ever makes a few and they sell like hot cakes so get your £56 in there fast.

More information

  • Ellistronics Etsy webpage.
  • More from Ellistronics but probably no longer available, but he’s happy to make things to order.


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Ellitone Multi-Synth

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