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Elektron Transfer 1.1

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Glacial is one word that could be used to describe the speed of software development in Elektron products. They make some beautiful boxes and banging beats but sometimes the software is more of a promise than a reality. However, a new update brings some badly needed sample safety to the Digitakt and Rytm MKII.


Transfer and backup

The Rytm and Digitakt are both samplers. The Rytm is also a synthesizer but sampling forms a large part of its sonic palette. You can sample directly into the machines without any trouble but if you wanted to transfer in existing samples then the only way to do it was using an archaic and time-consuming MIDI transfer. And then once the samples were in the box they were stored in RAM with no option to back them up to anything. Once over-ridden, they were gone, which is not a good feature for a pro box of beats.

Update your Rytm MkII to 1.32 and the Digitakt to 1.01 to take advantage of Elektron Transfer 1.1 for Mac and Windows. Connect your device via USB and the software will let you transfer samples in either direction, to and from the computer or to and from devices. It’s drag-and-drop. You can even preview the samples. It’s the sort of basic awesomeness that you’d expect to be available from day one. But hey, it’s here now.

So….. is there any news on the myths and legends status of Overbridge?

More information

Download Transfer 1.1 here.


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