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DEAL- ENGL Custom Alpha Drive & Custom Reverb over 50% off

DEAL- ENGL Custom Alpha Drive & Custom Reverb over 50% off  ·  Source: Thomann

Today we have for you a cracking deal on two high-end German-made pedals from ENGL – at over 50% the normal RRP! Grab yourself some great analogue drive tones and a very sweet reverb for a song.

ENGL Custom Alpha Drive & Custom Reverb

This is one of those deals were you will need to act fast, as they will sell out pretty quickly at this price. This offer is on the ENGL Custom Alpha Drive and the Custom Reverb pedal, both of which have nice, heavy, almost industrial look and feel to them. Both pedals are handcrafted in Germany.

ENGL Custom Alpha Drive

ENGL Custom Alpha Drive

Custom Alpha Drive

The Custom Alpha Tribe has controls for Gain, Volume, Lo Freq and Hi Freq which control the analogue drive circuit. It is a true-bypass pedal, with a red LED indicator light. It can be powered from 6 V DC to 18 V DC, which allows for more headroom if you need it. Plus, there is a “through” power connector on the top, so you can pass out to another pedal on your board.

It is a medium-gain overdrive pedal with a vintage voicing, so it should be pretty versatile.

Custom Reverb

Next up is the ENGL Custom Reverb. This pedal has the same look, but this time you have a blue LED indictor light. The four controls are labelled Mode Switch, Mix, Decay and Hi Freq so it should be easy to dial in your virtual space.

ENGL Custom Reverb

ENGL Custom Reverb

Dry Analogue

With this reverb pedal, the dry signal stays completely analogue to help maintain your guitar tone. You can mix in the amount of wet reverb effect as needed. This true bypass pedal runs from and external 9V power supply, again with a “through” connector for the power. If you fancy hearing it before you buy, check out the demo video below.

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