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Elektron Analog Drive Thomann

Elektron Analog Drive. deal at Thomann  ·  Source: Elektron

Swedish company Elektron is known for its excellent synthesisers and drum machines. The Analog Drive 2016 was their first outing in the direction of the guitar universe. Unfortunately, it was launched with a price of just under 400 euros, which was quite high priced. Now three years later Thomann is selling them for under EUR 90 a pop, a nice bargain price for an all analogue audio circuit drive pedal.


Completely analogue

The Analog Drive from Elektron is the little brother of their Analog Heat effects unit and was designed with guitar players in mind. The case may seem a bit bulky, but inside are eight (8!) individual analogue circuits, which can even be stored with their own settings, making it easy to recall your drive patch tones! As a cherry on top you can retrieve the presets via MIDI as well, perfect for complex setups perhaps?

Distortion Sounds

The Distortion Sounds – Clean Boost, Middrive, Dirty Drive, Big Dist, Focussed Dist, Harmonic Fuzz, High Gain, Thick Gain can be fine tuned using the Level, Gain and 3-Band EQ controls with semi-parametric mids. The tinkerers amongst us can even connect two expression pedals to control gain and mids.

Elektron Analog Drive

Elektron Analog Drive

Bargain Drive Tones?

I’m not sure how much of. bargain this is, but at under EUR 90 I ordered myself one today and it is currently estimated for delivery within a week. So, if you fancy a nice versatile programmable overdrive, distortion/fuzz pedal for under a EUR 100 including shipping then don’t wait too long. I’m pretty sure these will sell out fast at these prices!

If you haven’t heard one before, then be sure to check out the Ola Englund and That Pedal Show YouTube demo video below, where they both review the Analog Drive in full.

RRP –  EUR 395.  Thomann Deal Price EUR 89 (usually EUR 230) plus shipping.

More Information

UPDATE 23/5/19 – All Gone!

Looks like they have all now sold out, but hopefully some of you managed to order some of these bargain priced analogue drive pedals before they all went.



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by Jef

10 responses to “Elektron Analog Drive deal at Thomann – EUR 89 instead of EUR 395!”

  1. Dane says:

    The problem with this “pedal” is that not only is it 8 pedals in 1, but it actually occupies the pedalboard real estate of 8 pedals. Also, if or when it breaks, you lose 8 pedals at once. Not too keen to take that risk, to be honest.

    • Andjoy says:

      The size is about 2,5 pedals.
      Completely programmable, midi, mid sweep., 99 presets! Things you will not find on most pedals. Listen to Peteh Thorn demoing it, sounds fantastic!
      89 Euro is a steal! I got myself one just in time, out of stock now..

      • Jef says:

        Was an absolute bargain, I ordered one as well!

        • Andreorsel says:

          Don’t understand how they can do this…?
          Not in stock, so they must order them from Elektron themselfs and on the Elektron site the pedal still is 230 Euro. So they practically give it away or even loose money on it.

  2. pastoelio says:

    but what i want to know is how fat will my kicks be with this pedal

  3. Andjoy says:

    Just got myself one in time, out of stock now.
    It was a steal!

    • Jef says:

      I ordered one too! To good a deal not to try one out, so I went for it.

      • andreorsel says:

        I will get it tomorrow.
        Very curious how it wil sound with my gear.

      • Andjoy says:

        Have it and it is great!

        Had to tweak a lot because all the factory settings were not sounding good with my gear. But once tweaked it sounds great and can replace most of my overdrive oedals. The pedal i wil keep though is the Van Weelden Royal Overdrive, this is such a good pedal with dynamics and feel never found in any other pedal sofar, and i have had a looot over the years.

        I will sell: Wampler Dual Fusion, Friedman Dirty Shirley, Friedman, BE OD and the Bogner Blue. I can more or less get the same overdrive sounds with the Elektron, and even sounds i can’t get with those other pedals.

        So, 88 Euro’s was a steal!

  4. Claus says:

    Got one right here beside me. Sounds amazing with my synths and drum machines. I paid dkk 0 for it. Won in a contest 2 years ago when the price was dkk 3000+! ?

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