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Biltworth BW-1 analogue multi-effect pedal

Biltworth BW-1 analogue multi-effect pedal  ·  Source: Biltworth

The new Biltworth BW-1 combines Drive, Delay and Reverb in one compact pedal, packing a set of core sounds in one easy-to-carry pedal. “So what?” I hear you think. These effects, however, are all analogue, and the unit is hand-built in California. 

Triple Threat

The effect has the following controls on offer: a drive with Volume, Gain and Tone; a delay with Level, Speed ​​and Repeats; and a reverb with Mix, Decay and Boost. All the effects are analogue, and with nearly everyone using digital recreations these days, that makes this box stand out from the crowd. The reverb has a tail length of 2.85 seconds and for me that is way more than enough, but you won’t be doing any Mogwai impersonations with it!

Boutique Analogue

This is a boutique multi-effect pedal and one which will probably have limited appeal in today’s market. I can see it appealing to players that want a very simple rig to go out and gig with, and seems in the vein of the Sansamp Fly units that have become popular the last couple of years.

Hand-built in California, USA, I would expect these to be well built and at a price of $299 they aren’t over-priced for a boutique effect pedal. Shipping and taxes could make them a little more expensive for us Europeans, though.

It’s nice to see analogue multi effects making a comeback, as DSP can be a bit ‘samey’ after a while. I hope they succeed and look forward to hearing some reviews soon. Check out the two official YouTube demo videos below to get an idea of how it sounds.

RRP $299 plus shipping / taxes

Blitworth main site

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