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Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb pedal

Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb pedal  ·  Source: Keeley

Keeley’s new DDR Drive Delay Reverb is designed to be “the only pedal you may ever need”, combining the three most common effects into one compact unit.

Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb

The concept is simple enough: put the three most commonly used effects into one compact pedal and make it simple to setup and use. The new Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb combines a drive tone with an inbuilt reverb and delay effect. The unit has two overdrive voices that make up the Drive side: Crunch, a British valve-amp combo sound and Lead, a mid-pushed overdrive tone.

Then you have the spring and plate reverbs, plus an analogue and a digital delay. That’s essentially all you need to get a good tone from most guitars. The Keeley DDR also has a useful built-in effects loop to insert effects between the Drive and Wet sides of the circuit, making it more versatile. Plus, there are options for either true-bypass or trails switching modes for the reverb/delay as well.

Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb pedal

Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb pedal

Middle of the road?

This is aimed at players who want a fairly standard guitar tone, but it may be a little too ‘middle of the road’ for some. Either way, the idea is sound enough and I can see this new pedal being popular with a lot of players.

Hear it in action in the Keeley demo video below. You can place your order directly from the Keeley website link below from 23 May, so not long to wait.

RRP – USD 179 plus shipping/taxes

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2 responses to “Keeley DDR Drive Delay Reverb: A Swiss Army knife effect pedal?”

  1. Thanks for the review! Sometimes the middle of the road allows your guitar and amp and Playing shine through!

    • Jef says:

      Less of a review more of a news/opinion piece and I would agree with your statement entirely, sometimes you need to let your music do the talking.

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