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Keeley DCR pedal Drive, Chorus and Rotary

Keeley DCR pedal Drive, Chorus and Rotary  ·  Source: Keeley


Keeley’s new DCR pedal is a continuation of a theme we became acquainted with in the form of the DDR pedal: combine three common effects in a way that produces uncommon sounds. 


Keeley DCR

Like the DDR before it the DCR is divided into two distinct sections. The left footswitch activates the chorus/rotary effect and the right footswitch toggles the drive tones on/off.

Keeley describes the DCR’s drive side as a “highly saturated, perfectly compressed tube-gain tone”. There are two modes (Keeley calls them “drive profiles”: a full-range, full on sound and a “slight” shelf filter and low-pass filter designed, the Keeley website says, to add some tube warmth and thickness.

Controls for the drive section include Volume, Drive and Tone, with a small switch below to choose the drive mode.

Keeley DCR pedal Drive, Chorus and Rotary

Keeley DCR pedal – Drive, Chorus and Rotary


Moving over to the modulation side, we have Chorus, Flanger and Rotary ‘Vibra and Les‘ effects. These are driven by the Drive section, so you can saturate them to get some classic Hendrix-style tones, too. This section has controls for Rate, Depth and Blend. You also have a small switch to choose between various modulation settings below these three knobs.

The DCR has top mounted jacks, so it should fit nicely on your board. It’s true-bypass, too, so it won’t mess with your tone. What I like here is that the In and Out jacks double as TRS inserts. This allows you to insert any effect in between the drive and chorus. That makes this a flexible pedal and one that does a lot given the compact pedal format.


DCR Tones?

I much prefer the sound and concept of this new pedal compared to the previous DDR. For me, it has a bit more character and I always find a little subtle modulation goes a long way, especially with a touch of drive to spice things up.

You can hear the new Keeley DCR pedal in action in the official demo video below.

RRP – USD 179

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  • Keeley DCR pedal Drive, Chorus and Rotary: Keeley
Keeley DCR pedal Drive, Chorus and Rotary

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