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DSI OB-6 Desktop

DSI OB-6 Desktop  ·  Source:

Well, that didn’t take long. We reported earlier about what looked like an OB-6 Desktop synthesizer spotted in a picture taken at the Dave Smith Instruments’ (DSI) showroom. DSI have just announced that it most certainly exists and have released all the details.

As expected, the OB-6 Desktop Module is identical to the OB-6 keyboard in terms of sound, controls and functionality except of course for the keyboard. So, actually, we already know all the details. However, there’s one new feature. Did you know that you can link two OB-6’s together with something called “poly chain” to give you twelve note polyphony? That’s a somewhat obscure reason for you to have two OB-6’s. Now there’s a desktop version the second one won’t take up as much room!

The OB-6 Desktop will be released in the autumn and should retail for $2299. That’s $1000 off the original RRP of the OB-6 keyboard. So that’s looking pretty tasty.

For our article on the original OB-6 keyboard click here.

For more detail on the new OB-6 desktop head over to the DSI website product page.

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