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DSI OB-6 Desktop?

DSI OB-6 Desktop?  ·  Source:

Eagle-eyed Twitter users have spotted something interesting in a photo taken at Dave Smith Instruments showroom. Hidden in plain view in the background appears to be an OB-6 without a keyboard. Are we about to see a compact OB-6 desktop version of the celebrated OB-6?

The great big “OB-6” and signature emblazoned on the front edge is unmistakable. It looks a lot like the Prophet-6 Desktop that was released last year, although without the wooden front edging. We can probably assume that the build quality will be of the same high standard. And as with the Prophet-6 and Prophet-08 modules the internals, and so the sound and control, should be identical to the keyboard version.

As a desktop version it should be cheaper and of course take up less space. The price different between other keyboards and desktop versions in the range has been in the region of £200-£300 so that could bring the price in at under 2 grand.

There is no other information available about it at the moment. The photo has now made it onto the DSI forums so hopefully it will force them into some kind of announcement.

For more information on the OB-6 keyboard please see the article I wrote back in January – here.

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