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Cort GB74 Gig Bass

Cort GB74 Gig Bass  ·  Source: Cort

With its GB series, Cort aims to entice bassists who like instruments with a more traditional look. But the Korean maker then adds modern features and smaller improvements into the mix. Its latest model is the GB74 Gig Bass, which has modern pickup configurations, active electronics and more tonal options. Could one of these replace your Fender bass?

Cort GB74 Gig Bass

As befits a classic J-Bass, the core of the new Cort GB74 is an alder body with a Canadian hard rock maple neck and fingerboard. On paper, that should deliver the basis for a solid, punchy sound. The neck has a truss rod that can be easily adjusted at the base of the neck via a spoke wheel, a vast improvement over the old Fender design, in my opinion.

Cort GB74 Gig Bass

Cort GB74 Gig Bass

Multitone humbucker

While the tone woods used here are fully in line with the classic J Bass, the pickups are more modern. The P-Style VTB-P  at the neck position is paired with the new Multitone humbucker. Using a 3-way switch, you can switch between humbuckers (both coils) and the inner or outer coil individually. Neat.

Cort GB74 Gig Bass controls

Cort GB74 Gig Bass controls

Versatile Tones

When combined with the combination with the single-coil pickup at the neck, this results in a far wider range of sounds than a standard Fender Jazz Bass. You can hear them in action in the video below to get an idea of how this bass has more options available.

The model also sports an active 2-band eq and that you can also operate the bass purely passively via a push/pull function.

The Omega bridge is massive and looks solid. It’s a nod to the good old Badass Bridge, and should give enough sustain and help thicken up the tone. The GB74 Gig has a quality set of Hipshot tuners, so I imagine that the tuning on this bass will be reliable.

Jazz Bass Killer?

For the money, this new Cort GB74 Gig Bass is a serious contender if you are in the market for a Jazz Bass style instrument. It packs a lot of punch given its price tag, especially with the Multitone humbucker and circuitry that make it more versatile than your average Jazz Bass.

RRP – USD 899.99 inc deluxe gig bag

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