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Puremagnetik Console Y

Puremagnetik Console Y  ·  Source: Puremagnetik

Puremagnetik have a thing for the Ensoniq ASR-X. It was a sampler, synthesizer, sequencer and effects studio workstation from the late 1990’s. They’ve already captured most of the legendary sounds in their Console X release earlier in the year, Console Y is the sequel.

Console Y

This “supercharged” library comes with a bucket load of basses, leads, pads, keys and drum kits. It aims to bring the sounds of 1998 to your desktop. By the sounds of the demo it pretty much achieves that. It includes over 30 “expertly” programmed multi-sampled patches, using over 1000 samples and filling up about a gigabytes worth of space.

The library comes in three formats, all tweaked and customised ready to play. First there’s an Ableton Live Pack, all programmed with pre-assigned, Push-ready macro controls. Next there’s a Kontakt version with a customised KSP interface for easy editing, plus extra filters, effects and modulations. And finally there’s a Logic version with pre-programmed Smart Controls. It’s a very useful way to supply sample library.


Console Y is part of the Puremagnetik Spark scheme. This is where for a small monthly subscription they will serve you up with a new sound library every month. Currently, it’s $8 a month and gives you access to the back catalogue of 11 sound libraries (including the Console X pack) plus a new one each month for the length of your subscription. You also get them ahead of the general release so Console Y isn’t available outside of subscription for another month or two. Is that a good idea? I’m not sure about this whole subscription business, but if they produce the sort of sounds that you’re into then $8 a month is pretty good value.

More information on the Puremagnetik website.

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