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Puremagnetik Arkinaut

Puremagnetik Arkinaut  ·  Source: Puremagnetik


The Karplus-Strong driven Arkinaut from Puremagnetik is a virtual electroacoustic instrument inspired by ancient sounds and materials.



This is a physically modelled plucked resonator like those found in Eurorack modules such as the Qu-Bit Surface or Mutable Instrument Plaits. It uses the Karplus-Strong algorithm to produce that plucked string sound and then uses various tools and models of materials to sculpt and form your sound.

The algorithm is fed into a soft overdrive, a ring modulator can expand the palette of sounds and bring some chaos while a ladder low-pass filter cuts out or enhances the harmonics. A fixed delay circuit brings a doubling effect that simulates a loosening string.

You have a good deal of control over strike level, material, plucking or bowing, waveform type, filter, modulation, distortion and ambience.


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As with all Puremagnetik plugins it comes with a beautiful and simple user interface that invites experimentation and would overwhelm you. It sounds a bit busy to me in the demo whereas what I enjoy about plucked resonators in Eurorack is how a single strike can cut through a full patch or how they can stand on their own, taking their time to evolve. But I’m sure all sorts of things are possible with Arkinaut, polyphony being one of them.

Arkinaut is only available with a Spark subscription which is a shame but for $9 a month, you do get access to a growing library of interesting and creative virtual instruments.

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Puremagnetik Arkinaut

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