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Endorphin Cockpit 4 channel mixer

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In the complexity of a modular system a mixer can stand out as an ocean of calm. They don’t need to be complex, they just need to allow you some basic, but vital, volume control. The Endorphins Cockpit puts you in the driving seat of an intuitive and achingly simple 4 channel mixer with a lot of hidden depth.



It’s only 6hp wide and 1.5″ deep – it’ll fit in anywhere. The Cockpit is designed as a performance mixer. So it’s not just about setting levels, it’s about giving you instant and creative control in a live situation. The 4 channels can be stereo or mono, selected by jumpers on the back of the unit. They can take line level or modular level. So you can wire in the output from an external box, drum machine, synth, sound card, phone or whatever you want alongside your modular noises.

The four black knobs have endless rotation for volume in either direction. You can mute the channel by pressing on the top of the knob, turning the LED red. The LED will indicate the level via the brightness of the light which can also be done while muted. One nice feature is that the levels of each channel are stored when you turn off the modular.

Channels 3 and 4 can accept 4 pin TRRS cables. These enable the channels to be used as a send and return to employ Apple iOS devices, such as an iPhone or iPad, as an effects processor. Channel 1 then feeds into channel 3 and channel 2 into channel 4. Endorphine supply the TRRS cable with the Cockpit to make this all happen.

The red knob controls an onboard, 3-mode compressor with external sidechaining for compression or ducking. The first mode can accept a sidechain CV of +5v, such as an envelope, to “pump” the chosen channel. Mode two works in the same way but with 1Vpp (peak-to-peak) audio. Mode three changes the sidechain to accept clock in. The red knob then sets the decay time of the ducking.


The blue knob at the top is the overall volume control and the output can feed headphones or speakers.

That’s a lot of useful functionality squeezed into an unassuming and often overlooked mixer module. It’s currently labelled as “Coming soon” on the Endorphin’s website and there’s no news on pricing, but we’re told its arrival is imminent. 

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Endorphin Cockpit 4 channel mixer

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