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China Impression

China Impression  ·  Source: Sound Magic

Filling up a whopping 310GB of sample space China Impression samples over 60 individual instruments for a comprehensive collection of Chinese instruments.

China Impression

Sound Magic says they’ve been building this collection for 20 years. Each instrument is sampled with multiple layers of velocity, round-robin samples and multiple microphone positions. They used all the best equipment starting at 24bit/96kHz with half the library recorded at 32bit/192kHz. Performances and nuances were recorded from virtuoso musicians from the China National Philharmonic.

China Impression uses their Neo Orchestra Engine technology which uses hybrid modelling to being further realism to the instruments. The Modelling Legato technology bridges the gap between samples and smoother transitions from note to note. Similarly with tremolo they can introduce it naturally at any point of a note to give a much more human feel.

The 60 instruments include Bowed Strings such as the Erhu, Jinhu and Er Quan Qin; Plucked Strings such as the Pipa, Guzheng and KongHow; Woodwinds like the Dizi, Xiao and Guanzi and Percussion such as Gong, Gu and cymbals.

You have everything you need for authentic Chinese music or scoring that Asian epic. Check this out:

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This video gives you an idea of how the Neo Orchestra Engine works with one of the included instruments.

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