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Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype

Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype  ·  Source: Facebook/Boss

Boss has officially shared its new HM-2W cosmetic prototype on its Facebook page. The new modern Waza Craft version of the classic ’80s distortion pedal is expected to be out sometime hopefully in the near future. And it looks very similar to its older sibling.

Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype

Boss just shared the latest images of its HM-2W cosmetic prototype via its Facebook page (it’s a private group page set up specifically for this pedal). The picture shows the Waza Craft version side by side with an original. Currently, this is only a prototype and not the final, finished design, so it’s possible that the pedal that goes into production may look a bit different.

Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype

Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype · Source: Facebook/Boss

The noise floor has allegedly been addressed, which should make this new Waza Craft version a lot quieter, with less hiss and buzz. Usually these new updated versions feature a little silver mini-switch with extra voice options. However, currently this has not (yet) been added to this pedal’s design.

This is the first cosmetic prototype for HM-2W.
We pursue to keep authentic HM-2 look then decided to use iconic orange knobs as well as the original HM-2!
Now we are fighting with long lead time situation on some parts (despite of such situation we think we should keep consistency with original HM-2 sound). We will do our best to deliver BOSS HM-2W to you guys asap. – Yoshi Ikegami
Ola Englund explains the Boss HM-2 and Swedish Death Metals

Ola Englund explains the Boss HM-2 and Swedish Death Metals · Source: YouTube/Ola Englund

Swedish Metal

As many players will be aware, the original Boss HM-2, originally built in Japan and later in Taiwan, were huge sellers in the 1980s, but didn’t reach a cult status until much later on. It all went a little bit crazy once Swedish Death Metal acts discovered it’s spectrum evil sounds. That’s when prices and desirability of the original Boss HM-2 started to soar.

KMA Machines WURHM

KMA Machines WURHM · Source: KMA Machines

If you are looking for that classic Black Metal tone, then a number of pedal manufacturers make some great modern clones that cop that buzzsaw tone without you having to hunt down an original. The recent KMA Machines WURHM, the Siren Pedals Eligos and the Dirty Haggard Audio Hell Horse Fuzz Delay are just three you can try out. Each offers subtle or not so subtle upgrades to the original circuit.

Siren Pedals take on the classic HM-2 & BluesBreaker pedals

Siren Pedals take on the classic HM-2 & BluesBreaker pedals. The new Eligos and Juneau · Source: Siren Pedals

Many players are looking for a clean/blend control for use on a modern HM-2 boutique clone, or an extended EQ perhaps and a quieter noise floor. It will be very interesting to see what Boss adds, or doesn’t add, to the final release of the HM-2W. I am quite looking forward to seeing what they end up doing.

Let us know in the comments section what you would like Boss to add to its new HM-2W.

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Boss Waza HM-2W cosmetic prototype

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    I love my HM-2 pedal, I got it in the 80s. Sounds epic dialled and through a flanger 😈☠🤘

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