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BOSS HM-2 coming soon to Waza Craft

BOSS HM-2 coming soon to Waza Craft  路  Source: Facebook

It’s official! Boss has just announced that the HM-2, a legendary little black box of fuzz and distortion tones from the ’80s, will be remade for the Waza Craft line-up. The HM-2 first appeared in 1983 and came to fame through Swedish death-metallers Entombed鈥檚 1990 debut, Left Hand Path.

Boss HM-2 Waza Craft

To avoid confusion: this version of the HM-2 is not the pedal being teased by Boss all over Instagram and social media! News of the Waza Craft re-issue of the HM-2 comes straight from Boss president Yoshi Ikegami. The project came to light during the Talk with Boss series of video chats.

Swedish Death Metal tone

The original Boss HM-2 has a unique dual ‘Color Mix’ EQ control that offers +/- 20dB of boost/cut to the distortion circuit. There are plenty of players chasing those tones these days. If you want that classic Swedish death metal sound, turn all four controls to the maximum setting and thrash away!

Ola Englund explains the Boss HM-2 and Swedish Death Metals

Ola Englund explains the Boss HM-2 and Swedish Death Metals


HM-2W Facebook group

Boss has also set up a new Boss HM-2W Facebook group where fans can share their feedback and ideas about what they would like to see from the new Waza version of this ’80s classic. I’m sure the news of this re-issue will put a smile on the faces of a lot of players, as it’s one the fans have wanted to see for a very long time.

Hopefully, Boss will also reveal the new Waza pedal we saw teased on Instagram recently. I’m pretty sure it’s an FZ-2W, as the image above shows some silicon transistors, hinting at a fuzz pedal. We’ll have to wait and see…

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