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Boss teasing new Waza Craft pedal, is it an FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz?

Boss teasing new Waza Craft pedal, is it an FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz?  ·  Source: Instagram/Boss Europe

Boss Europe tease new Waza Craft pedal on Instagram

Boss Europe tease new Waza Craft pedal on Instagram  ·  Source: Instagram/Boss Europe

boss_europe just teased another image of their new pedal on its Instagram page, to go with the previous one with a blank enclosure. This time we can see some paint and it looks very familiar.

UPDATE 13/11

It is looking more and more like an FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz , as the new teaser pic has that grey/silver Hammerite like colour scheme of the originals. We haven’t got much more to go on yet, but you can read my initial thoughts from a week ago below from when the first image was teased.

New BOSS Waza Craft Pedal

There isn’t exactly much to go on here, but we do know it is official as it comes from the Boss Europe Instagram account. Currently the BOSS Waza Craft range consists of the BD-2 Blues Driver,  SD-1 Super Overdrive, DM-2 Delay, CE-2 Chorus, VB-2 Vibrato, TU-3 Chromatic Tuner, MT-2 Metal Zone and the DC-2 Dimension C.

Boss Waza Craft DC-2W and MT-2W

Boss Waza Craft DC-2W and MT-2W

Is it a distortion? Or maybe a fuzz?

Could it be an HM-2? Or maybe we’ll see a new FZ-2 fuzz unit. Or perhaps a digital delay? Only time will tell, but we’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as we find out. My personal favourites of the BOSS Waza Craft offerings are the DC-2W and the SD-1W, so I would be happy to see some more old classics revisited. Especially if it’s a modulation effect or a fuzz.

What BOSS pedal do you want to see re-released as a Waza Craft edition and why? Let us know in the comments below.


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by Jef

14 responses to “BOSS Europe teases new Waza Craft pedal “Like nothing we’ve ever created before””

  1. Simon T says:

    Surely we’re overdue a DS-1W?

  2. Roman Kendall says:


  3. Dirty Dave says:

    I really wish it was the very long over due FZ-2 fuzz. That’s the one that makes most sense and people would go crazy for.

  4. Rodrigo Souza says:

    FZ-2 Please! So hard to find and expensive to.

  5. Loke says:

    Hm-2 most likely given the online petition. Personally I’d like to see a whole second series. Hm-2,Fz-2,Mz-2 would all be great

  6. Paul. S says:

    Please let it be an FZ-2!

  7. Jef says:

    You lot are all on my wavelength, so hell yeah to a FZ-2 and I’d adore an HM-2 as well!

  8. Richard says:

    The GE-7 Equalizer (7 band graphic) is surely a deserving classic of Waza status, having been in steady production since 1981. The Waza “S-C” switch would be perfect here to allow a “G-B” switch between Guitar and Bass centre frequencies, so that one Waza pedal 7 band graphic EQ pedal can work as either a GE-7 Equalizer or a GEB-7 Bass Equalizer – all from just one pedal.

  9. xaris says:

    For sure it is the VB-9…!


    To me it is the CE-1W!
    Just take a look at color texture. It is identical to old CE-1.
    Boss will sell millions of it!

  11. Double Top says:

    An updated reissue of the SG-1 would be a welcome addition to the Waza Craft series. Most of the original Slow Gear units on the market tend to look like they’ve been used as damned hockey pucks and the cost of obtaining one in decent shape is past the point of ridiculous in 2021. An SG-1w would definitely have an audience and it would also, rightfully, bury that Behringer SM200.

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