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Haunted Labs & Dirty Haggard Audio's Hell Horse Fuzz Delay = Stoner Doom Heaven

Haunted Labs & Dirty Haggard Audio's Hell Horse Fuzz Delay = Stoner Doom Heaven  ·  Source: Dirty Haggard

The guys at Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio have teamed up to give the world the new Hell Horse Fuzz Delay. This pedal has sludge doom riffs written all over it and can drench your guitar tone in a wall of dirt. It may well be the perfect tool for your down-tuned, doom-laden riffs.

Hell Horse Fuzz Delay

The Hell Horse is a dirty beast of a pedal that merges a filthy fuzz with a delay, and is the brainchild of Haunted Labs and Dirty Haggard Audio. The delay – powered by a PT2399 integrated chip – combined with the fuzz circuit is just perfect for getting your doom on. The fuzz side is already pretty filthy, but with the degraded analogue-style delay kicked in, you get an echo of up to 460 milliseconds that gets downright dirty.

Interesting EQ

The Hell Horse has hints of the fabled sounds of the Boss HM-2. The EQ section comprises of a Tone knob that controls two separate frequency peaks that can boost or cut both of these EQ peaks simultaneously by up to +/- 15dB. This means that you are pushing or squashing the bass and treble frequencies together, which kind of works well in this fuzz circuit. The Shift control then literally pushes those EQ peaks closer or further apart, making for a unique way to control the tone of the fuzz circuit. With the Volume control you can attenuate or boost the output amplitude. You can get unity gain with a set of single-coil pickups at around the 3 o’clock mark.

Hell Horse Fuzz Delay

Hell Horse Fuzz Delay

Dirty Delay

The Delay Mix does exactly that, mixes in the amount of delay required, while the Delay Time can dial the delay in from 50 milliseconds up to a maximum of 460 milliseconds. It is a lo-fi delay and complements the fuzz beautifully. You cannot, however, adjust the number of repeats as it is hard-set. Regardless, I think the repeats suit this style of pedal perfectly. The delay is geared more towards adding thickness and sludge, and not about crystalline repeats.

Unleash the Fuzz

Last up you have the all-important Fuzz knob. You can use this as an attenuator by allowing your input signal a full pass for the ultimate fuzz filth, or for a more restrained fuzz tone instead. If it was me, I would probably unleash the fuzz and let it go full-on crazy, as I do like a bit of excessive dirt with pedals like this  It just makes riffing more fun.

If you’re looking for a boutique clone of a vintage fuzz circuit, you’ll need to look elsewhere. That’s not what the Hell Horse is. This pedal is all about huge aggressive tones combined with a raggedy lo-fi delay. It has a tone all its own, and one I’m sure many doomheads will love. The pedal is designed and made in the USA using high quality components. It is true-bypass and runs from an external 9V standard DC power supply, so no batteries here. Just take a listen to the demo below to hear what this dark horse is capable of.

RRP – USD 220

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