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Marshall Origin 20H amp head

Marshall Origin 20H amp head  ·  Source: Thomann

Thomann has a few nice deals on the Marshall Origin amp range again, last time it was the Origin 5C Combo and this time they have the Marshall Origin 20H Head and 20C Combo on offer.

Marshall Origin 20H Amp Head Deal

It was 2018 when Marshall unveiled the budget all tube Origin series. And despite all the doubts over a new line, the amps are popular and have some great tones in them.

The Marshall Origin 20H is a head format amp with an EL34 power amp section with three ECC83 preamp tubes and 20 watts  of power available to you.  You get controls for Gain, Tilt, Bass, Middle, Treble,  Master and Presence. It also has a setting for the  output with Low/Mid/High, plus a  Gain Boost available by pulling the Volume knob and an effects loop.

Marshall Origin 20H amp head

Marshall Origin 20H amp head. A bit of s bargain at EUR 299

Bargain all tube amp head

Thomann has them on a deal currently and so you can pick one up for a more than reasonable EUR 299, which was bit of a bargain. Especially, as a 20 watt all tube head is a great little amp for gigging and recording with.

You have enough power to handle small venues and playing with a drum kit, plus you do not have to deafen yourself to get a great gain tone. Unlike 50 watt tube heads, that will take your head off in a small venue when cranked!

Marshall Origin 20C Combo

Marshall Origin 20C Combo

Marshall Origin 20C Combo

Next up in the deal is the Marshall Origin 20C Combo which is essentially the same amp as above, just in combo format and loaded with a 10″ Celestion V speaker. Perfect, as a grab and go amp solution. Plus, it will work nicely at home or in the studio too. This one is currently at EUR 369, so only a little extra for a decent speaker.

Head on over to Thomann from my link below and bag yourself a bargain all tube 20-watt amp head or combo.

RRP – Marshall Origin 20H Thomann Deal Price EUR 299 and Marshall Origin 20C for EUR 369

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