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Biffy Clyro signature Booooom / Blast pedal

Biffy Clyro signature Booooom / Blast pedal  ·  Source: Facebook/Biffy Clyro

The lead singer of Scottish rock band Biffy Clyro has splashed a teaser on Instgram for a new stompbox called the Booooom/Blast! It looks to be a dirty overdrive/distortion/fuzz with a prototype built by Gone Fishing Effects – and sounds lusciously filthy.

Biffy Clyro Signature Overdrive

Mr Simon Neil, front man of Biffy Clyro, uploaded footage of a new fuzz pedal to his Instagram. It’s designed and made by Gone Fishing Effects, an effects pedal company set up by Biffy Clyro guitar tech Richard Pratt, so hopefully we could see a series of effects in the future.

Simon Neil unveiling the new pedal

Booooom/Blast Dirtbox

The brief clip gives you a hint at the kind of tones it will be able to deliver. If you like distortion and fuzz sounds, this could be one to check out when it becomes available for pre-order on Friday, 6 November. It’s a handmade limited edition, with each pedal signed and painted by Simon Neil. It’s priced accordingly, at just shy of GBP 300.

The intriguing controls are labelled Stink, Jaggy, Syrup, Stress and Bang. Two footswitches labelled Blast and Boom round things off. The design looks very distinctive and hopefully we will hear some more audio demos over the coming days.

The Gone Fishing website is not yet fully up and running, but I presume it will be by Friday. Head over then to place your pre-order from the link below.

RRP – GBP 299





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by Jef

2 responses to “Biffy Clyro signature Booooom/Blast distortion pedal teased on Instagram”

  1. Jon says:

    FYI it’s “jaggy”, not baggy, as in “There’s No Such Thing As a Jaggy Snake”. They’re all references to Biffy Clyro songs (others are Cop Syrup, Stress on the Sky, Cloud of Stink and On a Bang

    • Jef says:

      That’ll be my autocorrect… I saw jaggy and typed it, but it changed to baggy and none of us picked up the mistake…

      Have updated now, cheers for the heads up!

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