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Behringer Jupiter-8 tease

Behringer Jupiter-8 tease  路  Source: Behringer


Behringer’s latest Facebook post teases a layout for what appears to be a clone of Roland Jupiter-8; probably one of the most requested synths that fans want to see them do.



Of course it’s a Jupiter-8, the PCB layout with controls, buttons and sliders is a dead giveaway and plenty of the comments on the post agree. Although plenty of other comments seem to be unhappy that it’s not the particular synth they wanted, or have lots to say on how it should be changed, augmented or added to – Behringer fans are a funny lot.

All of the synth controls and keyboard controls are pretty much bang on the layout of the Jupiter-8. The buttons do vary a little with the noticeable removal of the patch selection buttons which, presumably, will be taken care of on the display where we can see an additional encoder and a pair of extra buttons.

Behringer Jupiter-8 tease

Behringer Jupiter-8 tease

It will be interesting to see how this develops and how many years away the finished product may be. It’s a couple of years since we saw the “finished” UB-Xa Oberheim clone and still no sign of a delivery date. And since then we’ve seen prototypes of the PPG Wave, RSF Kobol, VCS3, PRO-800, Polysix, CS-80, and MS-5 all in a more advanced state than this one with no information on when they’ll be available. And that’s not counting the drum machines. So when starting a journey, as they put it, it seems that the first steps are easy but it’s the last ones that take the longest.

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10 responses to “Behringer embarks on a journey to the Jupiter-8”

  1. Joe B says:

    A Jupiter with no cloud account needed, count me in. Including a bit of modern tech or JP-6 features are OK too. I’m hoping for a desktop option unless they go all in with AT & release velocity 馃檪

    • Nothing I Won't Do..... says:

      And a JX, a real one, with everything on it, and 16 voice! It might happen, and it might cost under a 1000!

  2. captain says:

    If you’re UB-Xa beta tester it’s delivered already to your door.

  3. David says:

    “Behringer fans are a funny lot”
    Not as funny as the on-line whining crybabies.
    Go Behringer.

  4. Matthew Janovic says:

    I would love to be a Beta tester as I played an original when it came out, I know what they sound like.

  5. JX or Jupiter? says:

    I’ve got a little JP-08, and though it’s only 4 voice and it’s ACB it does give you a good idea of what the Jupiter 8 can do. I love the sound of it, but I’ve never been keen on the sliders, and actually prefer the JX. That said, the Jup 8 is a great synth, and the Behringer clone will probably outsell the other J8 clones easily.

  6. David says:

    Behringer is bringing back every great Analog synth ever. It’s like they are getting us ready for the new musical revolution or next great music era. God demands analog and is blessing all through behringer!! Now let’s make it Happen y’all!!!!

  7. fissily says:

    They are not even able to actually release the announced RD9….

  8. Roland says:

    Lots of amazing synths in the pipeline……but few synths actually released. Behringer is just teasing people but how many synths have they really released and how long do we have to wait for all these releases? I mean the list goes on and on. oberheim, prophet 900, solina, jupiter 8 and I probably forgot quite a few. The news rate of new synths for the future is like fifty times bigger than the actual release rate. common, behringer!

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