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Behringer Kobol

Behringer Kobol  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer Kobol

Behringer Kobol  ·  Source: Behringer


While wishing us all a Happy New Year Behringer posted an image of a prototype Kobol clone having a little party by itself.


RSF Kobol

This is a 1978 monophonic synthesizer made in France and is often thought as the French Minimoog. They made less than 200 of the keyboard version. It featured 2 VCOs, 1 less than the Minimoog, but had sync which the Moog didn’t. It also had a built-in sequencer and 16 memory slots for storing sounds which you could also link to the sequencer to rotate through the sounds.

They made an Expander 1 version as a rack mount with more CV routing but it lost the sequencer. It was followed up by an Expander II which added ring modulation, Sample and Hold, noise and an envelope follower.

The image posted by Behringer appears to include a noise generator which was only available, I believe, in the Expander II so it’s very possible that Behringer is planning to include features from all iterations. Although there doesn’t appear to be enough extra controls on it to offer all the features of the Expander II. Also, I can’t see any CV connections but they could well be on the back.

It’s interesting to see them getting comfortable with the keyboard format that they also used on the Poly D and MonoPoly which I think looks great and gives them a sense of being an instrument. Although there are plenty of fans of the desktop/Eurorack format of many of their other synths.

There’s no pricing or delivery information at the moment and Behringer stress that the one in the image is just a prototype.

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Behringer Kobol

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One response to “Behringer is working on a RSF Kobol synthesizer clone”

    Stranger Pearl says:

    Don’t tell me about another synth clone, Behringer, until you give me something solid on the UB-Xa and/or BBG!

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