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Behringer PRO-800

Behringer PRO-800  ·  Source: Behringer PRO-800

Behringer PRO-800

Behringer PRO-800  ·  Source: Behringer PRO-800


Well, it’s not pretty but it is an 8-voice polyphonic analogue synthesizer based upon the Prophet-600 in their favourite chunky little desktop box. 


Update: now with video. Originally posted in September 2020.


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The Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 came after the Prophet-5 as a lower-cost alternative. It was simplified and improved in some areas. It was the first synthesizer to implement MIDI and could store up to 100 patches. But what Behringer are interested in is that unmistakable Prophet sound. They could have cloned the Prophet-5 and a lot of people have asked for that and it may still arrive but with the Prophet-600 they get a lot of synth into a little box. They’ve been working with a synth designer called GliGli who is known for his Prophet-600 modifications and expansions.

And so we have the PRO-800 which looks a lot like the PRO-1 but with a micro-controlled patch system over on the left. They’ve taken it to 8-voices polyphony with two VCOs per voice and presumably VCF’s and VCAs as well. The oscillators offer sawtooth, triangle and pulse waveforms with pulse width modulation. The filter and VCA gets their own ADSR envelope and we get a Noise generator and Glide control. The Poly-Mod section can be used for Ring-Modulation and pitch sweeping effects using the filters envelope. We’ll have to wait and see what other improvements have been made to it. I’m not seeing a sequencer or arpeggiator which the original had and I wonder whether you’ll be able to back-up patches to cassette?

Very little other information at the moment except that they are trying to get it under $600 and hope to ship in January which now seems very unlikely but they hope it will arrive in the next few months.

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7 responses to “Behringer reveals the PRO-800: clone of Sequential Prophet-600 with no keys and extra voices”

  1. NULL says:

    “I’m not seeing a sequencer or arpeggiator which the original had”

    It has the same “ARP UP-DN” and “SEQ 1” / “SEQ 2” buttons on the membrane panel as the original?

  2. Ajax says:

    the arp and sequencer are there above the volume knob.

  3. Joel B says:

    mind blown! Love the format, hope they keep bringing it with these little modules.

  4. iixorb says:

    So much stuff from Behringer, that I’m never actually going to buy anything!!! By the time the thing is launched, they’ll have announced something else which will catch my attention instead…and so on !!

  5. Charles G Tredo says:

    Can “ears” be attached to it so it can be mounted in a standard 19″ rack?

  6. Dave Smith says:

    Low quality reporting. You didn’t even look at the pic you used.

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