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Behringer UB-Xa render

Behringer UB-Xa render  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer UB-Xa render

Behringer UB-Xa render  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer UB-Xa render

Behringer UB-Xa render  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer UB-Xa render

Behringer UB-Xa render  ·  Source: Behringer

In their MacDonaldlisation of the synthesizer world the Behringer fast service counter is asking whether you’d prefer your Happy Meal OB-Xa clone with or without a keyboard. We live in strange and yet awesome times.

UB-Xa keyboard

With Behringer’s new transparent policy we are all voyeures of their design and development processes. It’s amazing to get such access to the way a manufacturer is developing a product. This week we’re bening asked about our form factor preferences. Do we need just a desktop synth that integrates withour exisiting setup or do we want a keyboard version that we can play as a regular synthesizer.

Uli Behringer shared some renders of what the keyboard version would look like.

He also mentioned that they have amassed a render library of nearly 100,000 components at such a high level of detail that you can’t really tell the difference between a render and a photograph. Apparently all the products on the Behringer website are renders which saves them billions of dollars in photography (I might be exagerating the cost).

Online synth design

What I’d like to know is whether Behringer see this leading ultimately towards a synthesizer buffet? Will we be able to select a number of cloned components and have them spliced together in our own custom synthesizer – with or without a keyboard? Isn’t that precisely what modular synthesis is right now? No, I don’t think it is. What Behringer could do is have a range of classic synth boards available where you could select the ones you want and then Behringer fabricate it into a synthesizer for you. Producing a full-on synth, not just modules, delivered to your door. You heard it here first!

So which would you prefer? If you have a preferrence then get in on the design decisions and let Uli know in the Gearslutz forum thread.

More information

  • Behringer UB-Xa Gearslutz thread.


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WANT. NOW. (I know, I know. We’ll have to be patient…) 🙂 Oh, the keyboard version for me.

Michael Nicholas

The module!!!

Hakuna Matata

Only modules, one keyboard in the studio is enough!


Want it now. Keyboard-version. Pronto.


Keyboard cause of the controllers. They are not the usual wheels. That’s something I like on the original too!


so excited about this!!!


Stop being bitches and make both. I hate modules. but lots of people like them. Personally, I like turning a synth on and playing. The second I have to reach for a MIDI cable, I’m bored.

Jason Weismann

Module – I play the ewi.. I don’t need keys


Oui je suis impatient de le voir sur que je vais l’acheter le OB-Xa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Sompel

Matrix 12

Tommy Tunez

Dear Uli – either of the two is fine with me. And I will make you a promise: If you release both at a reasonable price with good quality that sound close to the original – I will buy both units.


Module / desktop please.. although the keyboard looks great too.