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Behringer synths

Behringer synths  ·  Source: Behringer

Behringer has announced that their Oberheim OB-Xa synthesizer clone, the UB-Xa, is nearly ready for production and Uli wants to know what you’d like next.


The question was part of a Facebook post that also contained some interesting information about a process that’s come out of their development. They’ve been working on the UB-Xa for about 3 years at their facility in Manchester. In that time they’ve developed a “highly advanced operating system for analog polyphonic synthesizers” which they say will allow them to “design future synthesizers at a much faster rate.”

I’m sure they’ve mentioned this before and I believe what it means is that they can model everything within software down to the individual circuit components. So they could put together anything, clone anything if they have the schematic or the real thing to tear down and see for themselves.

Apparently, the UK synthesizer team is very excited to get on with the next project and wants to know what us drooling punters would like to fawn over next.

I thought they’d be knee-deep in the much talked about CS-80 clone, but maybe they can do more than one thing at a time.

Anyway, what would you like? They are also open to the idea of new designs which is good to see because personally I’d like to see them innovate. I’d like to see them put something together that’s not already tried, tested and desirable. Try to come up with something that risks being bad while having the potential of being exquisite. However, sure, I’d like to see a more affordable Prophet-5 or Jupiter-8.

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50 responses to “Uli Behringer asks – What analog polysynth would you like us to make next?”

  1. Modern3 says:

    You are fundamentally misunderstand that statement. The advanced OS provides the framework for future analongue synths without the need for a custom OS per synth. That does not mean that the OS is an emulation, rather a a system that will lend itself as the OS for a host of polyphonic analogue synths.

  2. modmodmodmod says:

    I look forward to cloning OBERHEIM Matrix-12 as an expensive and inaccessible polysynth.

    But I’m worried about what happens to EMS clone projects using Matrix Pins every day. Is it VCS3 or Synthi A … I pray that the project is in progress.

  3. Kobi Kobsen says:

    I think that time has come to make something new, something innovative. All these clones are nice but who needs more of all this things that have been around for so long. Why not make something like a Polybrute, a Pplymodular-FM,… Surprise me, I am bored.

  4. Yames says:

    Where is the 2600? I would love to see a CS80. Would also like to see a Jupiter 6.

  5. Atom Troy says:

    I challenge thee. Polymoog.

  6. Roman Kendall says:

    I’m very proud of myself for not commenting on this news.

    Oh, wait… darn it!!

  7. iixorb says:

    A 6 or 8 operator FM synth which can layer at least 4 patches together and still maintain at least 16 note polyphony. And have analog style controls for tweaking.

    That’s what I’d like to see.

  8. michael says:

    I asked to make a guitar synth. We’ll see how that goes.

  9. I’d like to see an affordable Borg 3000 that has a switch to allow for the thunderous PS-3100 to become the first true Poly synth of the 70s the PS-3300. I too would like to see a iconic J8 with a switch for the Beloved J4 , that’s just the beginning. Where’s my Blau!!!

  10. An FM synth with a well thought out programming interface would be nice.

  11. Nils Colin Ferguson says:

    What about a voyetra 8 rev4 as a keyboardversion, perhaps with a polysequencer. Just imagine…
    Or an arp quadra with the same…..
    I am just dreaming.

  12. James Lincoln says:

    Behringer should make literally every synthesizer ever produced into millions of units and at a price that any fraternity students can afford, until every person who is able to push a piano key has a collection of at least 50 synthesizers in his bedroom studio.

    Hell, polyphonic synthesizers should be exported to the moon.

  13. Martin Milner says:

    What about somthing like Dave Smith’s prophet x

  14. Penga says:

    Publison KB2000 controller and the DHM 89 B2 Infernal Machine with a synth engine

  15. xavier tribolet says:

    A kind of analog nord G2. A lot of analog modules patchable with a matrix, every osc, EG, overdrive, VCF, in analog domain, with also digital modules (logic, math, sequencer) with memories. Total recall. Encoders 14bits… with a soft that emulates the synth that can do the job alone (to create patches without the synth, play it polyphonically, or add to the analog synth). Multiples in, out, midi, CV and pedals ins.

  16. Peter Marchese says:

    Jupiter-8 is my dream synth! That one please!

  17. Andrew says:

    Hi. I would still like to have an sp1200 clone. Please please!

  18. Jeff says:

    How about some Moog taurus style all in one bass pedals

  19. Mark Lame says:

    A Clavinet replica, duh

  20. pat music says:

    I’d like to see a more affordable Prophet-5 , too.

  21. John says:

    Use good pots.

  22. Peter says:

    Prophet V, no doubt.

  23. Peter says:

    A 5 octave master keyboard with a slot in it to plug-in different analog modules

  24. Jonny Glass says:

    Technos Acxel please.

  25. V says:

    Solina MK2. It’s essential to the industry.

  26. Dave M says:

    I just want a set of MIDI bass pedals (Moog Taurus style) that don;t cost an anrm and a leg

  27. okto says:

    JUNO 60 JUNO 60 JUNO 60

  28. taka says:

    I’m eager for reissue of Jupiter 8 (later model).

  29. David says:

    The OBX blows away the OBXa! I owned the OBXa it was ok. I also owned Prophet 5 rev 2 and 3. The CS 80 OBX and the Jupiter 8. Those are the best. The OBX is the only all discrete polysynth it is basically a oberheim 8 voice. Please please please OBX! There’s a reason they don’t sell any cheaper than 10 grand on eBay.

  30. Brendan says:

    I’d like to see a prophet clone for a poly…. also an Oscar would be dope

  31. Steven says:

    OBX hands down or CS 80!!

  32. Emachine says:

    K2000 kurzweil vast mean keyboard

  33. Peter says:

    Once in an interview J.M.Jarre said the better vintage poly sinth ever made was the Elka Sinthex, and really is a unique gem

  34. Tom says:

    I would like to see Moog Memorymoog and Roland Jupiter 8 clones.

  35. Richard Evans says:

    Personally I’d love to own a behringer clone of the ELKA Synthex, please…pretty please.

  36. Richard Evans says:

    Sorry forgot to mention I would also love to see a clone of the RSF Polykobol
    an amazing machine, would definitely buy a clone of this.

  37. Tony.S says:

    J’aimerais un remplaçant au Deepmind 12 avec aftertouch poly du genre Hydrasynth

  38. LostIn80s says:

    Kawai K4 or K1, with 8, 12 or 16 bit modes, and the Deepmind effects section and Control Sequencer

  39. Garry Hughes says:

    CS80 please! But don’t leave out the polyphonic aftertouch to cut the cost!!

  40. Eddy says:

    Elka Synthex please

    • Peter says:

      ELKA Synthex: the best analog polyphonic sinth ever made (JM Jarre)
      from the solitary, underated genius of an italian engineer, Mr. Mario Maggi.

  41. Peter says:

    Oberheim Matrix 6 / Matrix 1000 are beautiful instruments to replicate

  42. Peter says:

    Oberheim Matrix 6 (& Matrix 1000) is a beautiful instrument : worth a replica with modern add ons

  43. David says:

    OSCar, Matrix 12, Jupiter 8 and Jupiter 6 – I would love to see a new one of those in the shops. I am also saving up for the Behringer Mono/Poly & OBX-A when it is finally released. I fully support what Behringer are doing, I think it is fabulous. The only time I wouldn’t support it is if the original companies bothered their backsides to reintroduce their old synthesizers, like the new Sequential Prophet 5 – I would absolutely only buy it from Sequential even if Behringer’s was cheaper, but when you simply can’t buy a new version of a vintage synth, then absolutely hats off to Behringer for bringing these wonderful instruments back into the world in an accessible way. I don’t have loads of money to pay for originals that are likely to have problems.

  44. Danny says:

    Xpander/Matrix 12 – all day long

  45. Eric Rohrbaugh says:

    I would love to see Behringer tackle a full-size ARP 2600 with a four octave keyboard!

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